Bodywell Chip FAQs

How Big is the Bodywell Chip?

The Bodywell Chip is a small, discreet chip that measures 28mm high x 28mm wide and is just 0.3mm thick. It is designed to fit onto any phone or device to reduce radiation absorption.

How Does the Bodywell Chip Work?

The Bodywell Chip is programed to generate counter-propagating waves cancelling out electromagnetic waves in what is called 'destructive interference'. The technology works on similar principals to the effect of noise canceling, which greatly reduces noise with a form of counter-noise, rendering the disruptive sound neutral. The Bodywell Chip is scientifically proven, 100% natural and safe. Learn more at

How Long Does the Bodywell Chip Last? 

The Bodywell Chip is designed to last the lifetime of your phone or device

Can I Remove the Bodywell Chip from My Old Phone and Attach to a New Phone? 

We don't recommend this. Removing the Bodywell Chip once it has been stuck to your phone will likely damage the internal composition of the Bodywell Chip and may render it ineffective.

Where Do I Place the Bodywell Chip? 

You can place the Bodywell Chip on the surface of the phone, on the phone case or in the battery case of any mobile device.

Is There Independent Testing to Show that the Bodywell Chip Reduces Electromagnetic Absorption?

Absolutely. This Executive Summary shows a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) reduction of 60 - 80% when using a Bodywell Chip. More detailed reports can be found below:

Bodywell Chip and iPhone 5 

Bodywell Chip and Galaxy S3

Bodywell Chip and iPad

Thermal Study Report