AGL Releases Plans for Smart Meter Installation in NSW & SA

It may be too late for some of you to prevent it, but if you have not yet had a Smart Meter installed in your home, then now is the time to take action! It is a relief to see that the Industry are not making it mandatory (as happened in VIC) but it's disturbing to realise they will employ a tacit of 'stealth' instead. Unless you notify them that you want to 'opt out' they will likely go ahead and install one even if you are out at the time. The AGL FAQ Page site has the following information:

Q Can I choose not to get a new meter? And how?
A Yes. While we think you could benefit from a new digital meter being installed, the choice is yours and you can choose not to.
It's interesting to see that AGL did not answer the 'How' part of the question, and that they are now calling them a 'Digital Meter'(presumably to detract from the bad press of Smart Meters!) If you decide to take up your right to not have a Smart/Digital Meter installed, be sure to put your request in writing, keep copies of everything and send any mail recorded delivery. Here are some great template letters from the action group that were used when Victorians were fighting for the right to not have smart meters installed.

Q What Is A Smart Meter and Why Do Power Companies Want You To Have One?
A A smart meter is a digital meter that replaces the analogue/spinning disc meter in your meter box that measures your home electricity use every 30 minutes, and sends this data automatically to your retailer every day via a wireless network.

The Disadvantages Of Smart Meters
Price Increases - it enables power companies to have the ability to vary the time range of peak and off-peak rates, based on daily usage in the community which tends to result in a power bill increases. Often, the cost of these new meters has been included in power bills years before the installation, so you are paying for the meter as well.

Privacy Issues - they collect data about your electricity usage throughout the day and are said to be able to distinguish between the usage of different appliances and monitor when you leave the house or go on holidays (big brother). One day they could be tempted to sell this information, or even be hacked! This week there is an article in The Guardian with the US Director of Intelligence talking openly about agencies using the new generation of smart household devices to increase their surveillance capabilities - read HERE.

Heath Issues - the high frequency radiation produced to communicate to the power company by your meter (or even your neighbors) can cause debilitating health effects for those who are electromagnetic sensitive. The pulsed microwave radiation from Smart Meters can bring on symptoms in those of us who perhaps didn't previously feel it, by 'tipping' us over the edge. In many cases people find their bodies can't cope with this new level of EMF's and often health problems arise for many people a month or so after the Smart Meters are installed. Some people don't even know that some of their health issues are a direct cause of this (miscarriages in pregnant women).

I recommend you watch the award winning documentary "Take Back Your Power" which gives an great insight on how smart meters pose serious problems for both our health and privacy. If you already have a Smart Meter installed or are planning to get one, I strongly urge you to use a BluShield Plug-In or BluShield Large Plug-In in your home to protect your family. We have had some amazing feedback from customers who have been adversely effected by Smart Meters and the BluShield technology has been able to ease their EMF symptoms.