Airtube Headsets

What is an Airtube headset?

An Airtube headset is a a safer alternative to a standard headset when talking or listening to music on your mobile phone. Known also as an Airtube headphone, the headset carries sound from an external speaker up a hollow tube of air to your ear, reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from your mobile phone.

The bottom part of an Airtube headset plugs into the headphone jack on your mobile phone like a standard headset. The bottom section of an Airtube headset contains a wire which transmits the sound from your device to the speaker. From the speaker, a 25mm hollow tube of air carries the sound to your ear. There is no metal in the airtube. 

Why is it recommended to use an Airtube headset? 

There is mounting research showing a link between EMR from mobile phones and increased risk of certain brain cancers. The main reason to use any kind of headset is to create distance between your head and your mobile phone to reduce exposure to EMR. However, it has been shown that radiation can still travel up the metal wire from your phone to your ear. Airtube headsets add an extra layer of protection by replacing wire with a hollow tube, further increasing the distance between your head and the source of the EMR: your mobile phone. 

How are they different to standard headsets? 

Airtubes differ from standard wired headsets because instead of using wire to transmit the sound from your phone to your ear they use a hollow tube, therefore reducing the amount of radiation reaching your head by up to 98%. They are a much safer option than the Bluetooth earbuds that are now available which essentially puts a radio frequency emitting device right inside the ear. 

What to look for in an Airtube headset

  • Sound quality
  • Reduced EMR exposure
  • Comfort
  • Value for money

Like any headset, sound quality is a priority. Our Airtube headsets deliver good sound quality at a great price. They reduce EMR exposure by up to 98% and come with three different sized earbuds ensuring comfort for everyone. 

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