AirTube Headsets FAQs

What Is an AirTube Headset and Why Do I Need One?

AirTube headsets differ from standard, wired headsets because the last section of the cord running from the device to the ear is a hollow tube of air rather than wire and this helps to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the device by up to 98%. In a standard, wired headset, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can travel up the wire and into your ear, whereas with an AirTube headset, the EMR does not travel up the last section of headset and this creates crucial distance between your ear/head and the source of the EMR. 

Sound is pushed from the speaker up the hollow tube of air so that you can still enjpy the benefits of a headset without the EMR exposure. 

You Have a Wide Range of AirTube Headsets, Which Should I Choose?

We have tried to provide a range of AirTube headsets from our favourite EMF Protection suppliers to give a choice based on individual preferences and budget. For example, some people love wearing in-ear buds whereas others find them uncomfortable. Some customers only use headsets occasionally so don't want to spend too much money, whereas other customers are happy to invest a bit more as they use a headset for most of the day. 

We have created a quick at-a-glance comparison chart here for you to see the key differences in the different AirTube headsets we sell. 

Are AirTube headsets compatible with iPhones and Android phones? 

All AirTube headsets are fitted with a standard 3.5mm (round) jack. This is compatible with older style iPhones and Android phones and most other devices. However, in recent years Apple has fitted their phones with proprietary ports designed to only fit accessories made by Apple and Samsung has fitted their newer phones with a USB port.

It is recommended to check the port on your mobile phone as it will likely be necessary to buy a separate adaptor such as an Apple lightning adaptor. Lightning adaptors and other mobile phone adaptors are readily available for purchase at most electronics retailers online or in store. Unfortunately, we do not sell them at Grounded Wellness. 

How Do I Ensure a Proper Fit of the DefenderShield AirTube Earbuds in my Ears? 

The DefenderShield AirTube Headsets come with an earbud accessory pack for a custom fit to keep earbuds securely in place which includes:

  • Small, medium, and large ear tips
  • Small, medium, and large sport tips
  • Shirt clip

Proper fit should be comfortable with a light seal between the rubber ear tip and inner ear canal.