Behavioral Problems Caused By Radiation Exposure

In the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in neurobehavioural disorders in children, such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia. The behavioural problems associated with 

ADHA include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and difficulty in concentrating. Children diagnosed with ADHD are at greater risk for low academic achievement, poor school performance, and delinquent behavior.
Autism: In 1970’s it affected 5 in every 1,000 children, today it’s 1 in 68!  
ADHD: The National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Australia reported that 11% of children and adolescents fulfilled the criteria for ADHD. In Australia from 1984 to 2000, the number of scripts issued for stimulant medications to treat ADHD increased by an average of 31% per year!

These statistics are frightening. We know that these disorders are better diagnosed these days which increases numbers somewhat, but it certainly doesn’t account for the explosion in cases or high percentage increase each year. Emerging evidence suggests that use of wireless technology may increase the risk of these neurobehavioural disorders. Most children are now exposed to RF electromagnetic radiation throughout their childhood (mobile phones/iPads, WiFi, baby monitors) as well as exposed during their fetal life. Studies have found that exposures early in life may have a significant effect as this is during vulnerable stages of brain development which can lead to cognitive effects. Wireless technology may increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, which then allows chemicals, microbes and heavy metals to enter, compounding the issue. 
One study analysed the association of mobile phone use during pregnancy and during early childhood with behavioural problems in children, by studying 13,000 mothers and children. The study concluded that children with exposure to cell phones (prenatally, postnatally, or both) tended to have higher percentages of abnormal scores for emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity and peer problems. The highest odds ratios for behavioural problems were observed for children who had both prenatal and postnatal exposure to cell phones compared with those who were not exposed during either time period. Read full research by Divan et al, 

Another study by Aldad TS et al also showed that Pre- and post natal exposure to cell phones caused structural and functional deficits in the brain of mice, and brought on ADHD like behaviour. Scary stuff! Read the research report HERE

A Review by US Air Force Materiel Command, New York, 1994 ( Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards) documents serious health effects from exposure of radiofrequency radiation, one of which is behavioural effects on page 9 - click HERE for full report.

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I have been using the Blue Shield Mini now for about 4 months.I was sceptical, because I have tried several different products but they didn't create a noticeable difference. The Blue Shield Mini however......does work. I went to places which usually have me "phased out" in about an certain shopping centres....I met a friend in a coffee shop situated in a major shopping complex..he usually gets badly affected by wifi, fluoro lights, the electrical wiring and apparatus around him...I gave him my Blue Shield for about an hour & he was quite surprised to notice that he was still quite lucid and not suffering from "brain fog".... consequently he is buying 2 of the Gold units. Ian Tye, VIC

I purchased a Blueshield Tesla Gold Portable in October for my daughter. Before using the Tesla being exposed to the outside environment at shopping centres, friends and families homes and in the car have left her depleted of energy, strength and mostly oblivious to surroundings. A one hour return car trip would see her in bed for 3 – 4 days before using the Tesla Gold. Using the Tesla Gold the pain and spaced out feeling has been relieved and she can communicate with others much better. She can now go on a car trip without feeling exhausted on arrival. The tremors have also settled when in exposed surroundings. This has made a huge difference to her life, being 29 and predominately housebound for the last 9 years.Thanks for this amazing product. Joycelyn Smith,QLD

I live a pretty healthy life, my family think I am a bit extreme, so I wasn't expecting much change from my BluShield myself. However I have noticed recently that my three teenagers are far more "user-friendly" and ready to discuss rather than go into battle. I feel that the whole atmosphere in the house is calmer and although there is never any proof for these things, the only thing that has changed is the introduction of the BluShield and a couple of Earthing devices. Beth, WA.

I am so happy with the Blue Shield. It’s now been 9 weeks. Before getting Blue Shield I was having regular absence seizures (epilepsy), sometimes going on for a whole morning, very exhausting and disturbing. It is kind of like intermittent bursts of the power going out for a second. The longest I ever went without any was two weeks. Since plugging in the Blue Shield I have had three days where I had an occurrence - twice when I went out without the portable, and once after playing a computer game with flashing pictures (flashing lights etc are a trigger to absence seizures). I have no doubt that EMFs/WiFi have been a trigger for this type of epileptic activity in my head, and much less easy to avoid than flashing lights. I wouldn’t be without Blue Shield now! Lousie Dunn, WA