Earth Runners FAQs

How long do Earth Runners last?

We expect the sandals to last 400 - 800 miles (650 - 1200 kilometres). Variables like terrain, sandal model, and how you run/walk/move can affect the life of your Earth Runners. 

Earth Runners come with a manufacturer warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram® sole. The warranty covers all sandals with at least 1mm of Vibram® sole material remaining below the forefoot. If your sandal sole or straps break during this time we will either repair or replace them for free. You are responsible for shipping them back to us for repair. Earth Runner sandals are made to the highest quality standards with the best materials available.

Where are Earth Runners made?

Earth Runners are manufactured in San Francisco, USA.

Are Earth Runners just for running? 

While Earth Runners have been used to traverse long distances, from 5ks to ultra-marathons, we like to think of them as sandals that allow you to truly be free. Footwear in which you can run, walk, hike, play and adventure while remaining connected to the earth.

How do Earth Runners' grounded conductive laces work to make the sandals Earthing shoes? 

Earth Runner sandals are designed to keep you grounded to bare Earth. Nature is the ideal place for this, as natural surfaces connect you to the native circadian rhythm and Schumann Resonance of the Earth. Earth Runners worn on bare Earth allow the copper lace plug featured on the outsole to make effective connection with the ground, facilitating electron transfer between your body and the Earth through the stainless steel lined lace circuit. This effectively grounds the body via intimate connection of lace and foot – similar to that of being barefoot. Check out our Benefits of Earthing page. 

How are Earth Runners supposed to fit?

We encourage people to go for a snug fit as illustrated below. This enhances the minimalist experience and reduces the chance of catching debris in your sandals while out on the trail. To find the best sandal fit for your feet, visit our Size Guide page. 










How do I clean my Earth Runners?

To clean the Circadian sandals that feature the Earth-Grip footbed, we recommend spraying them with some water to get them saturated and then let them sit for a few minutes to loosen up the dirt. Then spray them with your hose nozzle on the 'sharpest' setting (Power washers are not advised) and slowly work your way across the terrain of the sandals. Earth Runners have determined this to be a very effective way to clean off the dirt that accumulates on the Earth-Grip footbed.

Things NOT to do with your sandals:

  • Leave them in a hot car
  • Leave them in the sun for extended periods of time
  • Put them in the washing machine
  • Wash them with bleach
  • Leave your dog alone with them!!

How do I adjust the Earth Runner laces?

Watch this handy video on how to adjust the laces and this video on how to trim the Earth Runner laces.

What sort of rubber is used on the 8mm Vibram outsole? Is it natural?

The sole is an 8mm Vibram Sport Utility Moreflex which is a proprietary blend of EVA and rubber material. It is not made of 100% natural rubber but it is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

Is the Earth-Grip footbed organic?

The footbed is dyed in small batches using GOTS certified organic dye in Los Angeles California. The fabric itself is not certified organic.The farmers in India who grow the cotton use traditional practices that have been in place for over 100 years - before non-organic fertilizers were introduced. Earth Runners laminate the Earth-Grip footbed to the Vibram® outsole using solvent-free thermal adhesive.

Can Earth Runner sandals be worn in water? 

All Earth Runner sandals can be worn in water. The Earth Grip footbed (featured on the Adult Circadian Lifestyle Earth Runner sandals) resembles the feel of a mild bare earth equivalent with superior all-weather traction. The 100% cotton footbed will hold some water weight until it has a chance to dry. In comparison, the 8mm Vibram outsole (featured on the Children's Earth Runner minimalist sandals) dries much quicker by featuring no Earth Grip footbed, but the trade-off is less effective grip/performance in water. 

What is your return and exchange policy?

We appreciate that, even with the best planning, choosing the right shoe size online is tricky. That's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for returns and exchanges. We will happily arrange a size swap or refund on clean, unworn, unwashed and unaltered, as-new sandals that have been worn indoors to test the size ONLY. If your sandals show signs of wear and prevent us from selling them as new, we can not offer a refund or exchange. Heavily used sandals will, of course, not be accepted.

All returns must be made at the customer’s shipping expense. When you send your sandals back to us, be sure to include a note stating your name, order number, and reason for return . Upon inspection of the condition of the sandal, we'll take care of your refund or exchange. With exchanges, please let us know which size you require.

Please send the item back to us at:

Grounded Wellness Returns

PO Box 1097 

Stockton-on-Tees TS19 1AD