Earth Runners Update

Due to supply issues, we are in the process of transitioning our stock of Earth Runners sandals from the original Circadian style sandal (which includes a 7.5mm Vibram Gumlite Outsole) to the new Chronos style sandal (which includes a 7.5mm Walkbase GumEVA outsole).

There is no difference in the Earth Runners sandal except for the outer, bottom sole. The Earth Grip footbed and conductive lacing system remain the same and the wearer will feel no difference whatsoever between the two styles of sandal. Below are photos of the two outer soles for comparison. For full details on the specifications of Earth Runners sandals please visit the Specifications tab on the product page.

As we transition our stock between the two styles and as some sizes will sell more quickly than others, you will receive either a Circadian sandal or a Chronos sandal. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.