Ten easy ways to reduce your exposure to harmful EMF

  1. Distance is your friend: never hold your mobile phone to your ear when making or taking a call. Use a headset, a handset or the loud speaker function on your mobile phone. Better still, text rather than call.

  2. Avoid holding or carrying your mobile phone/wireless device close to your body unless you have a protective case that shields you from the radiation.

  3. Switch mobile phones, iPads and tablets to airplane mode to disable Wifi and 3G/4G when not in use.

  4. Don't let young children play with your smartphone or tablet.

  5. Turn off Bluetooth on your computers and devices and switch offyour WiFi router at night.

  6. Never use your phone, iPad or tablet when it is charging or if the signal is weak.

  7. Keep your bedroom technology-free. If you use your mobile phone as an alarm clock, ensure it is switched to airplane mode while you sleep.

  8. Avoid sleeping near a buildings power box, smart meter or fridge motor (even on the other side of a wall).

  9. Baby monitors,wireless printers, cordless phones and other wireless devices also emit high levels of EMR. Avoid or restrict your use of these items.

  10. Say goodbye to the microwave oven or, if you really need one, stand as far away from it as possible whilst in use.