Harmony 783 Grounding Shoes Size Guide

Choosing the right size Harmony 783 Grounding Shoe

Harmony 783 grounding shoes are designed in the US. However, to avoid any confusion with international shoe size conversions, we list all of our earthing footwear in EU sizes only and provide the approximate length of each shoe in centimeters.

For the best fit, before ordering, we recommend doing one or all of the following:

1. Measure the length of your foot from your longest toe to your heel and select the best shoe size for your foot, allowing approximately an extra 3cm for your foot to fit into the shoe (e.g.: if your foot measures 24cm, choose a shoe size approximately 27cm to allow room at the front and back of the shoe)

2. Measure the length of a pair of shoes you already own and find the Harmony 783 shoe size closest to the measurement. Choosing a similar style of shoe will give a more accurate result

3. Check the EU sizing on the label of a pair of shoes you already own that you know fit well and select the same (or the closest size available) from the list of Harmony 783 shoes

4. If you are between sizes, it is recommended you order the half size larger

It is very difficult for the Grounded Wellness team to give any further advice above and beyond what we advise here. How shoes fit you is a personal decision. The best thing to do is order the size you think is correct and give it a try. If the shoes don't fit as you would wish, you are welcome to return them for an exchange or a refund. You'll find a returns slip in the box with your shoes.

Simply send your Harmony 783 Grounding Shoes back to us and we'll send out a new pair with free shipping (subject to stock availability). Find out more about our Harmony returns and exchange policy here