How Do I Wash and Care For My Earthing Sleep Products?

Earthing sheets are made from natural cotton and silver thread. Please follow these instructions for the best possible Earthing experience and to maintain the integrity and increase longevity of the silver thread in your sheet.

We recommend you wash your sheet weekly, or an absolute minimum, twice per month with warm water and an eco (essential oil free) liquid detergent. Washing in warm water strips off any body sweat, natural oils, wastes and a variety of organic compounds excreted through your skin that can build up and create a film on the silver thread that impairs conductivity. Earthing sheets can be washed in a washing machine with regular liquid detergent as long as the detergent doesn't contain chlorine or other chemical bleaches, including oxy-bleaches or oxy-whiteners.

We can recommend using our Organic Soap Nuts, Earth's Choice and Abode Sensitive Laundry Detergent to safely wash your sheets in.

If you have a big sweat on a hot night or have a fever, we recommend taking your sheet off your bed and washing it straight away in warm water, as advised above, as sulphur oxidises silver and there can be sulphur and other toxins in your sweat that could damage the silver thread in your sheet. Even if you just sweat a little bit, if your sheet is not washed regularly enough, it's important to be aware that over time this could oxidise and damage the silver thread in your sheet.

Note - Never use bleach! Bleach instantly destroys the conductivity of the silver thread. Do not use chlorine, oxy or any other bleach, whiteners, fabric softeners or conditioners as these will corrode the silver thread and compromise conductivity. If you want to, it's fine to rinse with vinegar. If you need to remove a stain we suggest you spot treat it with hydrogen peroxide. Simply apply the hydrogen peroxide to the spot by pouring or spraying it on. Allow it to soak in, dab with a clean towel and wash afterwards.

We suggest you test your sheet at least every few months, or if you prefer, each time you wash it and place it back on your bed, to make sure it's still fully conductive. By doing this you will notice quickly if any areas of the sheet are starting to lose conductivity and you may be able to rectify the situation. You can do this with a Product Tester (also known as a Continuity Tester) or a Multimeter.

Always disconnect the sheet's lead before washing.

Earthing Sheets can be dried in the sun on a line or in a dryer on the lowest setting. If you want to iron your sheet, use a low heat setting.

Do not dry clean your Earthing sheet.

Also, do not apply body creams, oils or lotions before bedtime to any area of your skin or face. Such substances can create a film on and degrade the silver fibres in the sheet and will void warranty.

Please Note - these washing and care instructions also apply to the Plush Pad and Cotton Throw