SafeSleeve FAQS NEW

How does a SafeSleeve case protect me from radiation?

The shielding material in the front flap of the SafeSleeve case blocks EMR from your phone, tablet or laptop. When you receive a phone call, simply open the flap, answer, close the flap back up and talk as you normally would with no reduction in sound quality on either end. When placing in your pocket, position the flap side towards your body.

What is the SafeSleeve shielding material made of?

SafeSleeve shielding material is made of a lightweight, lead-free metallic alloy foil, specially engineered to block all three types of radiation emitted by your devices (ELF, RF and Thermal).

Do you have testing to prove that it works?

Yes. SafeSleeve radiation shielding technology was tested in an independent FCC accredited lab to show reductions in EMR (electromagnetic radiation) of up to 99%. You can see the study here

Why is the shielding material only in the front flap of the case?

Our shielding technology is incorporated into the front flap as to provide protection in the direction of your body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the phone through the back panel. If we were to shield the sides and back, the phone would no longer be able to send and receive a signal. That said, close the flap when on a call and position the phone so that the front flap faces you when in your pocket. Note that the flap can be folded behind the phone or tablet to shield the part of the device closest to your body while in use.

Do you need a flap?

Incorporating the shielding technology into the front flap provides a radiation barrier between you and your phone or tablet. We believe a flap to be the only effective means of providing true protection from all types of EMR. For both the phone and tablet, the flap can be positioned between yourself and the part of the device closest to your body.

Can I use a tri-field meter to measure the radiation from my phone or tablet?

In order to accurately and reliably measure radiation levels and reductions, testing must be performed in a controlled laboratory setting with highly specialized equipment. SafeSleeve had an independent, FCC accredited lab test their shielding technology and the results were impressive. Not only can it block over 99% of RF, it can also block 92% of ELF See the full results here.

Although unreliable, a tri-field meter may show some reductions as can be seen in the product video.

SafeSleeve for Mobile

How is my mobile phone held in place in the SafeSleeve case?

With a bespoke SafeSleeve case, your mobile phone easily snaps in and out of a silicone inner shell that is custom fit per type of phone.  The SafeSleeve Universal Case uses an adhesive pad to hold the phone in place.

I just got my SafeSleeve case and it is hard to close the flap and magnetic latch. Is it defective?

The premium materials we use are stretched tightly during assembly to ensure quality and durability. Thus, it may take a day or two for the materials to wear in to where the case will easily close and stay closed with several cards inside.

What is the difference between the SafeSleeve, the SafeSleeve Slimline and the SafeSleeve Detachable Mobile Phone Cases

In terms of EMR protection, there is no difference between the three types of mobile phone case. They all incorporate the SafeSleeve laboratory-accredited shielding material in the front flap. The main differences are user preferences and convenience. For example, the SafeSleeve Slimline cases are slimmer and more lightweight than the SafeSleeve cases but can only fit one card, as opposed to three. The Detachable Cases are great when you need to quickly remove your phone from the case for use elsewhere, but are bulkier. SafeSleeve have designed a case to suit most preferences and tastes. 

Is there a SafeSleeve mobile phone case to fit my phone? 

Grounded Wellness stocks SafeSleeve mobile phone cases for all iPhone models and most Samsung models. 

If you can't find a case listed for your particular phone model, you will need to choose the SafeSleeve Universal Phone Case which is a one-size-fits all solution. The Universal Cases have the same protective front flap as all SafeSleeve cases, the only difference is that your phone sticks to an adhesive pad on a slider so you can use the camera. Please see the product video here to see how the Universal Cases work. 

Please note that for some Samsung Galaxy models and Google Pixel models, we may be able to place a special order with SafeSleeve for you. We do this when we place our stock orders with SafeSleeve so there might be a delay of up to 3 - 4 weeks for you to receive your order. Please email us at if you have a special order request. 

I have accidentally ordered the wrong SafeSleeve case for my phone, what can I do?

As each SafeSleeve mobile phone case is designed especially for a specific phone model, it is worth double checking the model of your phone before placing an order with us. Some people don't realise that they have an iPhone 8 Plus instead of a regular iPhone 8 for instance or that an iPhone 11 Pro Max is a different size with a different camera position to a standard iPhone 11. 

To check your mobile phone model for an iPhone please follow these steps: 

Open your Settings app on your phone > Scroll down to and select General > Select About > Look for Model Name

To check your mobile phone model for a Samsung Galaxy when using the Android operating system, you can usually find the phone model in Settings > About Phone

If you have accidentally ordered the wrong SafeSleeve case for your mobile phone, please don't worry. Simply email us at with an explanation and let us know which phone case you require. Post the phone case back to us in its original, undamaged packaging to:

Grounded Wellness, PO Box 1097, Stockton-on-Tees, TS19 1AD

Once we receive the returned phone case, we will send out the replacement. You will however have to pay the flat rate £5.00 postage for which we will invoice you prior to dispatching the replacement phone case.

SafeSleeve for Tablet

How does the SafeSleeve tablet case protect me from radiation? 

Simply place your iPad or tablet in the SafeSleeve iPad/tablet case and position the front flap with the anti-radiation barrier between the tablet and the part of your body closest to it. If using the tablet case as a stand to watch a video, fold the shielding flap underneath the tablet before placing on your lap, or if lying the tablet flat, ensure the anti-radiation flap is between you and the tablet. 

What about the top of the tablet? 

Some EMR is emitted from the top/screen of the tablet when not covered by the flap, but vital areas of your body (i.e. chest, abdomen and head) are at a safe distance (15 - 20cm) from the tablet. It is important to ensure that the anti-radiation flap is placed between the tablet and the part of your body which is closest to the device (i.e.: your lap). 

Is there a SafeSleeve case for my iPad or tablet? 

Grounded Wellness stocks several different sizes of SafeSleeve case for different models of iPads and tablets. Please read the product description and options carefully to select the correct case for your tablet. 

Please note that currently SafeSleeve do not make a case big enough for the iPad Pro 12.9. Our other trusted EMF Protection supplier, DefenderShield, do have a case large enough for this model. Please see the XXXX here. 

SafeSleeve for Laptop

How does the SafeSleeve laptop case protect me from radiation?

Simply place your laptop on your SafeSleeve Laptop Case or Lap Desk (either side up) as an anti-radiation barrier between you and your computer. The SafeSleeve shielding material spans the entire area of the case and lap desk.

What about the top and sides of my computer?

Some EMR is emitted from the top of the computer, but vital areas of your body (i.e. chest, abdomen and head) are at a safe distance (15 - 20cm) from the laptop. While your hands and wrists are in this range, they are far less susceptible since they do not have the same soft tissues and vascularity as your lap. Levels around the sides of the laptop are negligible as seen by using a tri-field EMF meter.