What is a SafeSleeve Case?

A SafeSleeve case is an anti-radiation case for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The case contains a shielding material to protect you from electromagnetic radiation emitted from your devices. 

Why do I need a radiation protection case?

Studies have shown that exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless devices can be harmful to our health. All electronic devices emit EMR but devices that we use for long periods of time in close proximity to our body are of particular concern. The closer we are to the source of the EMR, the higher our exposure risk.

SafeSleeve cases are designed to protect the user when using mobile phones, tablets and laptops to help to reduce exposure to high levels of EMR and allow you to use your devices safely. 

How does a SafeSleeve case work? 

SafeSleeve cases have a built-in shielding technology on one side, designed to protect your head and body when using your device. For example, when holding your mobile phone to your head to talk, the side of the case containing the shielding material is positioned between your head and the phone. When using your laptop on your lap, the shielding material is placed between your laptop and your lap.

The shielding material is placed only in one flap so as to still allow the signal to connect to the device.

The anti-radiation shielding material is made from a lightweight, lead-free metallic alloy foil and protects you against all three types of EMR emitted from a wireless device: extremely low frequencies (EMF), radio frequencies (RF) and thermal radiation (heat). The shielding material has been tested in an FCC-certified laboratory and the results show that the material in a SafeSleeve case shields the user from 99% of RF and 92% of both ELF and thermal heat. 

Read the full laboratory testing report

Other benefits and features of a SafeSleeve case? 

SafeSleeve cases have been designed with the modern-day user in mind. They are slimline, lightweight and convenient and come in a fantastic range of colours and styles. A SafeSleeve cases not only protect the user from EMR but it also protects the devices from drops, scratches and spills. 

The SafeSleeve mobile phone case includes a built-in RFID protected wallet with three credit card slots. The mobile phone fits securely into the case and the case can act as a stand for watching videos.

The SafeSleeve tablet case has a built-in swivel function enabling you to use the tablet in portrait or laptop orientation and transforms into a convenient stand for watching videos.

The SafeSleeve laptop case transforms into a convenient workstation with a built-in mousepad.

Do the cases fit all mobile phone makes and models?

Grounded Wellness carries a collection of the most popular mobile phone makes and models and we have cases in a fantastic range of colours. Our range of EMR protection cases are available for iPhones, Samsung phones, Universal phone caseswhich can fit all makes and models of phones, as well as cases for tablets and laptops. If you need help you match your phone with the perfect fit, we've put together a helpful Phone Fit Cheat Sheet to help get you on your way. 

What are people saying about SafeSleeve cases? 

'It's very easy to answer [the] phone and talk through the case and I feel protected. The fact that I can carry my debit card is a huge plus for me. It's just great and my phone is always protected as well.'

Dana B.

'I love this case. Style is functional and good-looking. Sound quality is excellent for speaking and listening . . . Thank you so much for creating a smart, good-looking case to protect everyone from thiscommon, constant source of radiation!!'

Nancy B.

'I bought two of these for my kids laptops a couple of years ago now and they are still looking like new! Fantastic quality, they are light for transportation but really solin enough to protect the laptops. I love the included mouse mat which has been very useful. I was so impressed with the laptop cases I bought two phone cases too!'


What are some other ways for me to reduce my exposure to EMR from my devices?

As EMR has a high decay rate, distance is key to reducing your EMR exposure: the further away you are from the source of the EMR the safer it is. 

Try to avoid holding your mobile phone to your ear when you talk. Text or use the speakerphone function instead so you are holding the phone away from you.

When you do need to speak on your phone, or when you want to listen to music, podcasts etc, choose an AirTube headset. AirTube headsets carry the sound from the phone to your ear via a hollow tube of air, rather than via a wire which can carry radiation from your phone to your ear. An AirTube headset increases the distance between your head and the source of the EMR. Avoid using bluetooth headsets as they place an EMR emitting device directly inside your ear, right next to your brain. 

Avoid carrying your mobile phone on your body i.e.: in your trouser pocket or tucked into your bra. Place it into a bag instead and if carrying in your pocket when using a SafeSleeve case ensure the shielding material is facing towards your body for best protection. 

Switch your phone to airplane mode whenever possible. When switched to airplane mode the phone stops looking for a signal, therefore dramatically reducing the amount of EMR emitted. 

For more tips to keep you and your family safe from EMR check out our Reducing Exposure page.