I am now consistently connected to our Earth Mother

Evan Yanna Muru, Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout, Australia

Our original lore of The Dreaming came directly to us from the Male forms of The Great Spirit. These Great Ancestral beings gave us the Law of the Land. This was to watch and listen to the female forms of the Great Spirit we know as Earth Mother and live according to what she tells us to do. To look after her because she looks after us. We were taught that she is extraordinarily powerful. That she gives us many gifts and the most important and powerful of these gifts is healing. This healing however will only work if we are physically connected to her Earth with our skin. That is why we wore no shoes and slept on the ground. Sleeping being the most powerful time for healing.

So when I came across some products that could connect me physically to the Earth and heal me while I sleep and while on the computer I purchased them immediately. I am now consistently connected to our Earth Mother and it has been an awesome breakthrough for my health, well being and for living our culture. It has given me: a much longer, deeper sleep (no waking for over 6 hours); much more vivid, lucid and memorable dreams; much less and quieter snoring; more energy during the day; thinner more oxygenated blood, and; healed a sprained ankle overnight.

Based on my own personnel experience I highly recommend this product. I believe it is an essential item for reconnection to the healing benefits of our Earth Mother.

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