Why We Love ... Ocushield

In our Why We Love series, we take a closer look at some of our favourite products and explain why we chose to add them to our collection here at Grounded Wellness.

In this post, we take a look at the lovely, dynamic team over at Ocushield who are working hard in the blue light space to ensure we are protected from the harmful blue light from our devices and screens.

Ocushield has developed a range of easy-to-apply screen filters for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, laptops and monitors. Ocushield blue light screen filters are 5 x stronger than traditional screen protectors so not only do they protect your screen from dings, cracks and scratches, but an Ocushield blue light screen filter also protect your eyes, skin and sleep, by filtering out harmful UV and blue light. How clever is that? Once you read more, you'll soon be swapping your regular screen protector for an Ocushield blue light screen filter.

Here is everything we love about Ocushield Blue Light Screen Filters:

1. Ocushield is researched and developed by an optometrist

Whilst studying to become an optometrist, Ocushield founder Dhruvin Patel, carried out extensive study into the role blue light plays in the eyes' physiology and circadian rhythms. This research led him to develop the Ocushield range of blue light screen filters. 

Ocushield is the only medically registered blue light blocking brand in the world as governed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

2. Ocushield offers a significant level of blue light protection

Ocushield blue light screen filters offer a significant level of protection against the harmful effects of blue light. As well as blocking up to 99% of harmful UV and blue light emissions between 300-400 nanometres (nm), Ocushield also filters out up to 54% of harmful blue light between 400-470nm. 

Blue light in the 400-450nm range is a very short and strong wavelength which can penetrate the retina in the eye, causing eye damage like macular degeneration.

3. Ocushield protects your skin as well as your eyes

You are probably well aware that excessive blue light exposure from screens directly affects our eyes, and can lead to eye strain, dry eyes, tired eyes and even macular degeneration. But did you know that blue light can also have detrimental effects on our skin? Studies have indicated that, 30 hours of exposure to blue light from our smart phones, laptops and other devices, can increase inflammation in skin cells by 40%. Other side effects of overexposure to blue light on our skin include: 

  • Increased oxidation of skin cells
  • Decreased skin turgor
  • Accelerated skin aging
  • Dehydration of the skin
  • Increased expression lines and number of wrinkles

Ocushield's blue light screen filters take blue light protection for skin a step further than normal blue light glasses, which are designed primarly for all-important eye protection. By filtering out a large percentage of the blue light from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or monitor, Ocushield protects both your eye health and your skin health. 

4. Filtering blue light protects your sleep

Constant blue light exposure, particularly in the hours immediately before bedtime, after the sun has gone down, really messes with our circadian rhythm and production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by our body to tell us that the day is over and it is time to go to sleep. Exposure to artificial blue light in the evening suppresses the production of melatonin making it more difficult for us to fall asleep and sleep soundly.  The use of an Ocushield blue light screen filter on your devices helps to protect your sleep by filtering out a large percentage of the sleep-disturbing blue light. 

5. Ocushield is easy to self-apply and achieve a quality result

Each Ocushield screen filter is supplied with a self-application kit and clear instructions making an Ocushield screen filter easy to apply. Grounded Wellness offers the Ocushield range of screen protectors to beautifully and discreetly fit iPhones and iPads with reinforced tempered glass to protect your screens. Macbooks, laptops and monitors are also easily applied as a permanent or semi-permanent application option and with an anti-glare and privacy filter.

Unlike blue light filter apps, Ocushield won’t turn your screen a retro orange colour and keeps 95% clarity and 98% colour accuracy for a crystal clear picture.

Discover the full Ocushield collection today.