Why We Use Blushield

Why We Use Blushield for EMR Protection

The founding owner of Earthing Oz, Anand Wells, is an avid technology buff who has always been an early adopter of new technology. After the first year of Anand establishing Earthing Oz back in May 2011 he began learning more about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and enrolled in Nicole Bijlsma’s Electromagnetic Field Testing course at the Australian College Of Environmental Studies. As Anand learnt more about EMR, how to test for it and the best ways to reduce EMR exposure, he began researching and sourcing what he believed to be the best independently tested, scientifically proven radiation protection devices available. Since this time raising awareness about Electrosmog (electromagnetic pollution), the importance of Radiation Protection and offering Radiation Protection products to our customers have become important complimentary additions to our Earthing business. Continuing Anand’s passion and legacy, at Earthing Oz we remain committed to increasing public awareness of the dangers of mobile phone and wireless device radiation (especially for children) and sharing the wonderfully simple yet profound benefits of Earthing. We continue to share informative articles, videos and newsletters and offer practical solutions for maintaining and improving health in the midst of a wireless revolution.

For some time now we have shared with people the dangers of EMR, how to measure EMR, how to reduce EMR exposure, etc, and have offered radiation protection devices for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One thing we are regularly asked is, “What is the best way to personally protect myself from Electrosmog?”

Often people ask,

“How do I protect myself and my loved ones from the radiation emitted from mobile phones, mobile phone towers, WiFi, and a whole host of other smart/wireless devices when out and about in public places? We can take care of our own homes and devices but this passive radiation is virtually everywhere now and is increasing by the day. What can we do for personal protection?”

Until now we haven’t had a solution to this that we have been willing to endorse and recommend.

We are often alerted by customers to the latest disc, shield or pendent, etc and asked if we know about them and what our opinion is on how effective they are. Anand likes to see what is out there so he usually has taken the time to research these products to see if there is any truth to the claims. Usually what he has found is esoteric jargon, a bunch of testimonials and no hard science or studies.  If there are studies, they are often based solely on single criteria, such as skin conductance, kinesiology testing, kirlian photography, etc.

We have been open to the possibility that some of these radiation protection devices may do what they claim. We haven’t tried many of them personally but have tried a few that have sparked our curiosity, unfortunately without a reduction in EMR symptoms or convincing results. The problem is there are literally hundreds of such “radiation protection” devices on the market today, with more coming out all the time. How do you know which one is the real deal? We suspect a large percentage of them are either ineffective with the now massive and ever-increasing levels of Electrosmog or are just ‘snake oil’ and don’t work at all.

For us to recommend or endorse a radiation protection device it’s important to us that we not only have personal experience of it working but that it is also scientifically proven to do what it claims it does. After many years of researching such devices we are very excited to have finally found one that we can confidently recommend and offer to our customers ... this is the revolutionary technology that has been 25 years in the making, known as Blushield.

So how did we find out about Blushield?

We first heard and learnt about Blushield from one of Australia’s leading EMF experts and best-selling author, Donna Fisher. We have known Donna for some years and have sold her books on Dirty Electricity, EMR and EMF. Donna has extensive experience and knowledge in this field and is highly respected within the industry. With Donna Fisher endorsing and distributing the Blushield products we really took some notice and closely investigated this technology ourselves. We are very excited about what we have found and believe this Blushield technology is a game changer that can significantly benefit and improve everyone’s wellbeing, naturally.




Here’s Donna Fisher’s story of how she came across the Blushield technology and why she personally uses it:

By Donna Fisher ...

“I had been receiving calls from a lady named Catherine many times over the years asking me what she could do as she was severely debilitated by the many undesirable artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) that surround us and was struggling to stay alive. EMF experts estimate 50% of the population of the industrialized world will experience debilitating symptoms from EMF by 2017. In July 2014 when I rang Catherine to suggest trying a product someone had gifted to me she promptly stated she did not need anything as she now had Blushield. Knowing she had spent a lot of money on EMF protection products, on questioning her she stated: ‘it is a miracle, I am not affected by EMF anymore.’

Finding this absolutely remarkable I researched the technology and promptly ordered the new TESLA plug-in for my home and TESLA portable to carry with me at all times. I also trialled a TESLA portable with a Building Biologist who was also debilitated by these EMF. As she also found the same effect with the TESLA portable, she promptly ordered the new TESLA portable and is so astounded she now provides BluShield products to her customers. I have found the best way to determine if a technology works, is by testing it on the people who immediately feel the effects and are debilitated from EMF. If it works for people like this it is definitely working.

It is my understanding that the body recognizes and resonates with the field, designed on natural laws, that BluShield technology emits, thus creating an environment to override harmful EMF. The body will always favour fields that obey natural laws pertaining to body systems and the body’s natural rhythms and cycles.

Blushield technology does not remove the many undesirable EMF. Blushield technology is light years ahead and may not be appreciated or understood for quite some time as it overrides all artificial EMF. After 14 years of researching and experimentation I have a Blushield Tesla plug-in in my home and workplace, and a Tesla portable that I carry when I am away from my home. Scientifically, Blushield is independently verified by an independent lab that verifies Blushield 's effectiveness using dark field microscopy and live blood analysis. Mathematically, Blushield technology is based on mathematical principles and natural laws.”







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DISCLAIMER: No medical claims or advice, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment' or ‘cure’ is being represented by the manufacturer. Please consult your physician before using this product.