A Team You Can Trust

Grounded Wellness was launched in the UK in September 2021. We are the British sister company of the highly-regarded Australian company, Earthing Oz. A small, family-run business for over 10 years, Earthing Oz was the first company in Australia to offer customers convenient, indoor earthing solutions and has since grown to include a wide range of practical EMF and blue light protection products.

Grounded Wellness is proud to bring the same wide range of Earthing and EMF protection products to the UK while continuing the Earthing Oz tradition of excellent customer service and care. While customer reviews start rolling in for Grounded Wellness, please read the hundreds of product and company reviews for Earthing Oz so you know the level of service and care to expect from our newly-launched UK business. 

All reviews are verified and collated by the independent third-party review platform Reviews.io. Please visit the Earthing Oz profile page on Reviews.io here