Anand’s BluShield Review

(Founder and Former Owner of Earthing Oz)

For many years now I have been looking at ways to reduce my family’s exposure to man-made EMR. I began by Earthing myself, unplugging our WiFi router and cordless phone as well as keeping cellular data, WiFi and Bluetooth off on all of my mobile devices. I didn't have much control over external EMR sources (i.e. Mobile phone towers, neighbours WiFi, etc), however, I could still significantly reduce radiation inside the house. I then began using Cellsafe mobile phone cases and Airtube headphones to further reduce my exposure. In the early days this seemed a good enough strategy.

I campaigned through Earthing Oz newsletters to raise awareness of the dangers of man-made EMR and believed we could somehow influence policy makers to take a precautionary approach to wireless technology, instead of just giving telcos and mobile phone companies licence to unleash their technology wherever and whenever they chose to. I was naive! While I am proud that Earthing Oz has educated thousands of individuals about how to reduce their exposure to radiation from wireless technology and other harmful man-made EMFs, we have so far had little impact on policy makers. Barring a miracle, the electrosmog from wireless technology will only increase, and rapidly at that! 

So what can we do about it if:

  • our house is being bombarded with external radiation from a newly installed mobile phone mast, neighbours WiFi, etc?
  • our favourite beach has WiMax (a very powerful public WiFi system)?
  • Telstra has just converted the phone box outside our house into a WiFi hot spot?
  • our favourite cafe is French fried with EMR from 17 local WiFi routers and 50 customers smart phones
  • our kids school or daycare uses powerful WiFi routers in or near the classrooms?
  • we are commuting on a peak hour train with 150 other passengers who are mostly glued to a radiation emitting smart phone, tablet or watch?

You get the picture - unless you want to go and live in isolation in a desert radio "white zone" there is no escaping electrosmog. At this point one could get very depressed. Like it or not, we have no ownership of, and limited control over, the airwaves in our own home, let alone public places. For several years now I have also been looking to see if there is any technology (apart from shielding) that can authentically protect the human body from man-made EMR. I have researched dozens of devices that claim to do this (neutralise EMR), from Tachyon to Orgonite to Energy Eggs. Unfortunately the manufacturers of these technologies have little or no science-based evidence to back up their claims - they mostly rely on anecdotal evidence and/or muscle testing etc  - in other words you just had to trust the manufacturers claims (or not!). For this reason I didn't ever offer any these products to my customers as there was always a question mark about their integrity.

A few months ago I heard about a new technology out of New Zealand based on Tesla/Scalar principals called BluShield. I was initially sceptical and didn’t give it much attention. I had seen too many other products that promised the world but couldn’t back up the hype with plausible studies. 

I revisited BluShield after Andrew, my former manager, told me there were some very impressive studies showing that it not only stopped the negative health impact of EMR on humans, chickens and cows, but that it actually improved health in all these creatures as well!  This got my attention and I decided I would personally trial it. 

I purchased a BluShield Tesla Gold Large Plug-in for the house and a BluShield Tesla Gold Portable device which I could carry with me when I was out and about or travelling.  

So what have I noticed in the 2 months since I have been using BluShield? 

The very first time I switched on my BluShield portable device I was at a public festival that was bombarded with EMR. I felt an immediate and very noticeable improvement in my wellbeing. This got my attention. When I returned home I plugged in my large BluShield plug-in device. Within a couple of days of being in the BluShield plug-in and portable field I experienced mild flu-like detox symptoms which lasted 2-3 days (many of my friends using BluShield had a similar detox episode). This told me BluShield was having an effect and my body was clearing something. I saw this as a positive sign and it seemed like my body was adjusting in some way to the new field I was in. BluShield say this is just the effect of the immune system kicking in and describe it as ‘a harmless adjustment period’ and have found most people don’t notice a change like I did at all. Apart from this, I am not EHS (Electromagnetically-HyperSensitive) so I don’t notice any EMR symptoms anyway. Consequently since using BluShield I can't say I have noticed too much more or a huge difference. Given the research, I do, however, have more peace of mind, especially when I am in public places that are thick with wireless radiation. 

If you are concerned about the negative health impact of electrosmog, BluShield could be the perfect solution.

Anand Wells (Founder and former owner of Earthing Oz)