Christmas Wellbeing Gift Inspiration

Give a gift of wellbeing for Christmas in 2023. Share gifts to encourage health and wellness with those you love.

Share the gift of wellbeing with those you love this Christmas. There’s something for everyone amongst the Grounding Wellness range so we’ve compiled a list to give you some inspiration and help you tick off that Christmas shopping list.


  1. Grounding Socks

It wouldn’t be Christmas without receiving a pair of socks but at least these grounding socks can keep your feet warm whilst receiving the benefits of earthing! They are designed as an accessory to be used alongside an Earthing product, they do not have their own earthing cord or plug. You can use them whilst standing on a grounded surface outside, in conjunction with an earthing throw or whilst using an earthing mat. They’re a great addition to your earthing routine in the colder months.


  1. Twilight Red Book Light

There comes a time each day when we all need to unwind and regulate. This flexible red light can be clipped onto any book or device with an edge to create a healthy light zone for yourself or a family member. This book light features a touch sensor control and 3 brightness settings as well as being flicker free so you can read, work or study into the evening in comfort. Providing the most optimal light environment for evening and night-time use, it is also 100% free of blue and green light, allowing the body to produce the hormone melatonin which is needed to help us sleep.


  1. EMR Protection Mobile Phone Cases

Give your mobile phone a case upgrade with an EMR protection case from SafeSleeve. The wallet design has three card slots which allows your cards to be kept safe whilst also converting into an angled stand; ideal for watching videos. This protective case allows you to answer your phone and close the shielding flap to continue talking freely thanks to it’s FCC-certified lab proven radiation shielding material which blocks up to 99% of all three types of harmful radiation from your mobile. Available in a wide choice of colours, sizes and designs. Available for iPhoneSamsung or a Universal fit for your phone.


  1. Air-tube Headset

Listen to music or make a call on a device and reduce your EMF exposure at the same time with our range of air-tube headsets. The sound travels from the speaker to your ear via a hollow tube of air rather than a copper wire, thus reducing the distance between your head and the source of the EMR, reducing your exposure by up to 98%. With superior sound quality, built-in microphone and volume, it's the best time to ditch the Bluetooth earbuds and wired headsets for a safer alternative this Christmas.


  1. Blue Light Filtering Glasses

There’s a pair for everyone; whether it be mum, dad or the kids! Protect your family’s eyes with a pair of blue light filtering glasses from Baxter Blue. They work by filtering out 50% of the harmful blue light from screens and are designed with virtually clear lenses so they can be worn all day long. Artificial blue light from your devices can cause digital eye strain, headaches and disturbed sleep which nobody wants, especially at Christmas. They are modern and stylish and offer a range of styles and colours to suit all tastes.


  1. Earthing Universal Mat Kit

An indoor Earthing/Grounding mat is ideal for daily use when we struggle to get outdoors. This versatile mat can be used around your home or office, from resting in your lounge to working at your desk. Connect to a power outlet and start your daily earthing routine. Earthing yourself assists your body to reduce inflammation with improved blood flow and allows us to calm and balance our hormones, bringing us back to experiencing health as our natural state of being. This mat is available in small or large.


  1. Blue Light Protection Eye Mask

Craving a good night’s sleep? Ocushield have created a bamboo weighted eye mask to help block out all light, including harmful blue light, so you can rest which will ultimately help your daily focus, mood and productivity. It has been designed and developed by Optometrists and endorsed by the sleep foundation. This weighted sleep mask can help you fall asleep faster as well as having a better quality night’s sleep and can also relieve uncomfortable eye symptoms such as dry eyes and blepharitis. It can be used hot or cold thanks to its reversible design and can be adjusted to suit any head size.


Wishing you all health and happiness this Christmas from the Grounded Wellness Team!