EMF Protection Products Testimonials

'I am very happy with my red iPhone safety sleeve‘


This is the second safety sleeve I have had. My previous sleeve (for another phone) was more than three years old and showed no signs of wear and tear at all - and it was constantly being used. I am very happy with my red safety sleeve. Easy to see in the handbag.

Rosemary Cutts


'I love this product (Cool Call) and have bought 4 of these already‘


I love this product and have bought 4 of these already. My entire family is using it and I also gave one as a gift to my sister. This was highly recommended by EMF experts as a good tool/gadget to reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs..

Leowell Gonzales


'Love my pink Iphone11 cover‘


Love my pink Iphone11 cover. Love the fact the cover can be closed for speaking. Strong case just what I was looking for.



'All tablets and phones should come with these as mandatory‘


All tablets and phones should come with these as mandatory. In our house, it is mandatory to use these and the Blue Light glasses and all anti-radiation products.

Susan Rigato


'Wonderful products and beautiful customer service!‘


Wonderful products and beautiful customer service! I ordered some EMF protection headphones and a laptop shielding mat. It's so nice to place the laptop on the shield mat (nice and thick and firm) and know it's not putting radiation onto my body. The headphones have great sound quality and the microphone works splendidly, I will be keeping them untangled and safe! As 5G is incoming and so many EMF's are flying around I will be purchasing more fantastic products.

Felicity Oriander


'The quality is excellent!‘


iPhone 12, Strong phone case! Snug fit and very streamline! Phone feels great and the quality is excellent!

Madeline Mitchell


'I’ve noticed my energy levels increased straight away.‘


I’m very happy with the Blushield Tesla Gold Plug in it arrived fast & I’ve noticed my energy levels increased straight away. Thank you for providing great products & service.

Aruleah Reilly


'We have noticed the energy in the house feels calmer and smoother‘


We purchased the Blushield products to mitigate against 4G and a new 5G tower near us. We bought 2 Premium Portable devices and the Premium Cube for the house. The Blushields are great devices. We have noticed the energy in the house feels calmer and smoother. I also feel the level of my mental activity has become quieter, which helps with my meditation. The Portable is compact, robust and stylish. My wife and I carry these around when away from the house. .

-Stephen B, Australia


' I definitely notice less adrenal stress‘


I'm still getting used to the Blushield portable, and still detoxing a bit, but I am chronically ill. I definitely notice less adrenal stress when I'm in front of the computer and my husband uses it every time he has no energy and is not feeling well. It seems to work really well for him. Very helpful with questions I've had. Prompt service. I would definitely buy from this company again. Also great to see an Aussie company selling good products.

-Shirley R, Vic, Australia


'Very happy with this case‘


Very happy with this case. Slim profile, protective bumper around the phone for inevitable knocks and bumps. EMF protection a plus!



I felt a calmness that I had not experienced for years‘


I purchased the Blueshield Cube for my daughter who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl thinking that it would provide some extra support for her journey back to normal after the pregnancy and birth. Not only is my daughter sleeping better and feeling more relaxed, while I was staying with her, to my great surprise, I felt a calmness that I had not experienced for years. I have been a terrible sleeper for many many years and I don't know what else to put it down to but remarkably the Tesla Cube seems to have altered that, I will now be getting a cube for my own house along with protection from my computer and phone.

-Graham, Australia


' DefenderShield Kids Airtube Headsets has good quality sound


Comfortable, good quality materials, good quality sound.

Phoebe Torzillo


‘My only regret is not buying this sooner!'


My only regret is not buying this sooner! Due to the lockdown we have been spending a lot of time at home, have been feeling a bit out of sorts and not sleeping well which I put down to stress. Until I realized how many wireless networks I picked up on my computer....I splurged out on the Blueshield Premium cube, a bit apprehensive about spending so much money on something I was not sure would have an effect on me, but with the 30 day money back guarantee, and having bought other, great products from Earthing Oz I decided to give it a go. It arrived a couple of days ago and we are all already feeling the effects, no longer waking up at night, the brain fog has lifted, feeling more energetic and more upbeat than I have in a long time. Same goes for the rest of my family - and my dog seems calmer as well. Really considering buying the premium portable for my family members, when we are able to move around again. Very happy with the product and service!

-Liv, Australia


‘Absolutely love the Blushield Ultra'


Absolutely love the Blushield Ultra. I know it’s working 100% as I felt an instant change. I don’t feel as irritated, I sleep better and feel a sense of calm I didn’t feel before. I did have some headaches and detox symptoms for a couple weeks but feel so much more harmonious when I’m at home now, especially with having 5G towers close by and wifi on at home.

- Anastasia, Australia


‘I couldn't be happier with this product’


I recently purchased the Blushield Tesla Plug-in, I am so happy that I did this after reading all the information that Earthing Oz has on their website. I am having a much better sleep now. My mental clarity has improved so much I can actually plan things without becoming overwhelmed and having that feeling of brain fog. Also I feel calmer. No more heart palpitations, which I will be telling my cardiologist when I see him next month. I couldn’t be happier with this product, it’s worth every dollar. The benefits that I have mentioned are just amazing, it’s life changing.

- Diane S, QLD, Australia


‘More peace and calm’


A real peace and calm has has come over my household since we started using the Blushield plug in. It was only a few months ago I noticed we had a 5G tower on top of the hill near our house. After doing much research I realised it must be causing us lots of problems. We had already been using the safesleeves on our phones and iPads, but I felt we needed more. After plugging in the Blushield I really noticed I didn’t feel as fatigued everyday and my memory has gotten better, I’m even dreaming again at night. My kids seem more content and peaceful too and are sleeping better at night. I next need to invest in a portable Blushield , I’m really noticing the difference when we leave the house.

- Tem W, NSW, Australia


‘For me the result was nearly immediate’


I live in a cottage at the back of a shop, separated by a wall. About a year back the shop people had the NBN connected and got WiFi. Very kindly they gave me their pass word and free WiFi. Truly, a mixed blessing. I began to have anxiety and sleepless nights. My naturopath said it was endocrine, mostly pineal and pituitary becoming over active. Homeopathics balanced this problem but only for a few days ... three or four at best. I talked to friends, did research and with 5G coming l began to look into EMF. Two friends had Blushields and spoke highly of them. Worth a try... My Tesla Gold Plug In arrived about three weeks ago. And, after a year of struggling with sleepless nights am delighted and relieved say .....l'm sleeping through every night. For me the result was nearly immediate. Thanks so much to EarthingOz, who were very helpful and prompt.

- Nicole B, VIC, Australia


'I love the SafeSleeve Magnetic phone case'


I love the SafeSleeve Magnetic phone case. Its super easy to remove my phone from the magnetic case / wallet which means I can just place it straight onto the magnetic mount I already had it my car (I was so happy when I realized it was compatible with the magnetic attachment I already had!). I also no longer experience this weird abdominal pain I used to get when I had my phone in my pocket over that area (I assume the pain was caused by EMF).

Alison McKenzie


'You can tell these are high quality, the sound is great and they stay in!‘


I have previously tried other emf earphones which ended up breaking and they also never stayed in my ears. You can tell these are high quality, the sound is great and they stay in! They also come with extra earpieces for exercising. Thankyou!!

Belinda Sheppard




I have had issues with my eye muscles that have caused me trouble with reading for quite a while. About 2 weeks after I plugged in the Ultra, I noticed that I was reading easier with clearer vision, my concentration had increased dramatically, and I also had loads more energy! Nothing has improved my well being like this before, and in such a short time. This product is a must have, highly recommended!

- George D, SA, Australia


‘We bought two cubes!’


I’m not sure how our health would have continued to degenerate without the protection these 2 cubes provide, but we have not visited a GP now for 6 months, no mean feat with 6 people in the house. The fatigue when we installed the first cube in the living areas was for me profound. This lasted 6-8 weeks so I was quite sceptical about how I was personally being helped. But reflecting now I can say my sleep is deep, sound and restful. My ability to use tech at home has improved beyond belief. I no longer fall asleep at the end of the day in front of the tv news. I have less muscle cramps. I just have a feeling of calm, settled peace. These improvements led to the 2nd cube purchase. We use one upstairs where the living areas and master bedroom is located and one downstairs where the 4 children sleep and they study. Everyone agrees they have made a positive difference to our wellbeing. I really reject the notion that it is a placebo effect. The cube’s work!

- Anna A, WA, Australia


'I feel as if I have a new phone‘


The Universal phone case is easy to attach to phone. Smart looking. I feel as if I have a new phone

Tee Cooper


‘I take it everywhere’

I've had my my [Blushield Tesla Plug-In] for 12 months now. I didn’t notice much at first. However, when I did notice it was the first holiday away from home without the Blushield. On this trip I fell into depression (I've never felt before). As soon as I arrived home I instantly felt the Blushield and [it] sprung me back to life. Now I take it with my any time I’m away for an extended time. I absolutely love it!

- Elliot B, QLD, Australia


‘Good to know the Tesla Portable is protecting me’


Nice to know you're protected from emf from Wifi, mobile radiation all day. Travelling on aircraft I noticed I don't get Jetlag anymore. The device has been scientifically proven to work. With 5G now around it is good to know Tesla Gold Portable is protecting me.

- Robert W, WA, Australia


‘I couldn't imagine my life without my Blushield’


I've been using my Blushield [Premium Portable] for 6 months now and I have absolutely no regrets purchasing it. I noticed a general feeling of wellness after 1-2 weeks of using it. My fatigue when using electronic devices has disappeared and I feel I'm much more energised in general. Very happy with this product, and I'm also very happy with my earthing mat which too has given me an incredible feeling of wellness. Thanks Earthing Oz

- Joel N, QLD, Australia


‘This is Just What the Doctor Ordered’


Years ago I visited a holistic doctor at the Northern Beaches Care Centre because my immunity was down. Amongst other things she strongly recommended the Blushield. I started with the Plug-In model. After the first night I woke up feeling very groggy and for the next couple of months I had a mild itching on my face around my hairline. I thought 'this is fantastic!' - finally I'd found something that could detox the emf pollution from my body.

About 3 years later I felt instinctively that I was ready to upgrade to the next model so I purchased the Cube. I was now using the Cube at work for 8 hours per day Monday to Friday, and the Plug-in at home . With only 8 hours exposure per day, the Cube had a phenomenal detox effect. I plugged the Cube in on a Monday morning and for the first 4-5 days I had very strong fatigue. Again I was thrilled that it had such a strong detox effect. Over the next few months my energy levels also improved a lot. 18 months on I purchased the Ultra. I did not have any initial detox effect with the Ultra. After about 4 months of using the Cube at home and the Ultra at work, I had an interesting experience. I was at home on 4 weeks leave with Ultra plugged in, and right at the end of that period I had NBN installed. Once the included NBN wifi router was switched on, despite the router being switched off at night I could not get into a deep sleep. I had heard that wifi disrupts your melatonin production, but this was outrageous. After two weeks of little sleep, I was thinking it was strange that I have the most expensive Blushield and that it does not seem to be protecting me from this router. I started to wonder whether my body/immune system was perhaps not strong enough to resonate with the frequencies of the Ultra at that point in time and whether the Ultra might actually be too strong for me. I wondered whether plugging the Cube back in might make a difference and thankfully it did. As soon as I plugged the Cube back in my sleep returned to normal very quickly. I have also had substantial improvement in my immunity since using the Blushield. I am so grateful that a doctor I trust recommended this product to me.

- Sophie S, NSW, Australia


‘Sleep and Energy Improved’


- Sandra H, NSW, Australia


‘Very happy with this product’


I purchased the [Blushield] Tesla Plug In a few weeks ago and I must say I was skeptical at first but to my surprise my wife's headaches have totally gone and the whole family's sleeping patterns have definitely improved. I'm very happy with this product!!

- Jim G, VIC, Australia


‘Amazing. I feel incredible’


My new [Blushield] plug-in arrived and it is amazing. I feel incredible and so do my non-human companions. They've started running around and playing like crazy. The moment I turned on the plug-in, I felt a heat in my solar plexus that then spread throughout my entire body. I've been feeling so joyful for days. Thank you.

- Jo S, NSW, Australia 


‘Best Product Ever’


I am a registered nurse and had done night shift for 10 years to work around my 3 children. I work with elderly people in a home care community that has every modern convenience which means there is a huge amount of wifi and electromagnetic radiation we are all subjected to daily. Unsurprisingly I had a health crisis near the end of 2017. Thankfully I was able to return to work after 1 month but I knew that I would need to do everything possible to protect myself from the EMFs we were constantly exposed to so that my recovery could continue. 

I looked into products designed to do this and found Blushield and my husband happily bought one for me. I move around a great deal at work so I needed something portable - I used the Blushield each day and kept it in my pocket from the time I left home till the time I returned. It was simple to use and the battery lasted more than a week after charging it fully! I could really feel the difference - now my husband also has one with him daily while he is at work. I have recommended this product to many people who asked me what I did to recover from my health crisis. I believe protecting ourselves from electromagnetic radiation is a very important part of looking after our health and I would recommend the Blushield to anyone. 

- Rachel D, QLD, Australia


‘Strongly recommend if you have Lyme disease’


This is a very detailed review as I hope the information may help other people who have similar problems to mine (Lyme disease, sensitive to emfs) in the same way that other people’s recommendations have helped me on the path to recovering my health and sleep. I bought a Tesla Gold Black portable on 23 January 2020. (That is the earlier version of the ”Premium” model which now comes with a chrome-coloured casing, rather than black.) I have Lyme disease and several co-infections (such as rickettsia and babesia) from tick bites, plus several recurring viruses. About 18 months ago I moved into a different house and my head started feeling like it was burning inside, then the burning kept continuing for longer periods when I was away from the house. There was a power pole (with a large transformer on it) located just outside the fence of the house and, when I eventually bought an emf meter to check what was happening, the readings inside the house were well above levels that are said to cause cancer. At that time, I had been going to a BICOM bioresonance therapist roughly fortnightly for treatment for Lyme disease for about 18 months. During appointments before I moved to the house, the therapist would sometimes say that the readings were indicating that I was having problems from radiation (such as emfs and wifi). For example, after I had been on a long plane flight, radiation would always come up. I moved out of the house as quickly as I could, but during the months that I was there, the therapist picked up radiation at nearly every (or possibly every) appointment and that continued for months after I moved out of the house. After one of my appointments, I happened to speak to a man in a health food shop who mentioned that a friend of his had Lyme disease and had been having such problems with wifi etc. that he had had to give up his studies and move out of the city. The friend had then bought a Blushield device and, using that, had been able to travel in and out of the city enough to be able to resume his university studies. That recommendation was why I considered buying a Blushield, but I was hesitant about buying at first as some reviews said it was a scam, and – with the bushfires going on in Victoria at the time – I wasn’t sure that it would reach me in regional Victoria by post in time for me to have enough time within the 14-day return period to see if it really worked for me. I contacted Earthing Oz and was told they would be happy to allow me to try the Blushield for 30 days, and then return it for a full refund if it didn’t seem to be helping me. That seemed very reasonable to me, so I went ahead and purchased it… The Blushield portable reached me on 30 January. I charged it and have kept it next to me day and night since then, except when charging it (or once in a while when I forget to put it in my pocket when I go away from the house). My previous BICOM appointments had been on 9, 16 and 22 January with radiation coming up as an issue every time. My first appointment after receiving the Blushield was on 7 February and there was NO MENTION of radiation issues at all. Since then, I have had 8 more appointments, and radiation has not come up at any of them! In terms of my personal experience, I did not notice any worsening of symptoms after turning on the Blushield – it was more like my body heaved a huge sigh of relief and I felt much more relaxed (maybe activation of the parasympathetic nervous system?). Sometimes I forget to take the Blushield when I go into the town nearest where I live. I noticed that I feel off/tired/irritable and have difficulty concentrating after being there for an hour or so, and walking under large cross-country powerlines on the way there and back, when I have forgotten the Blushield. But that clears up fairly soon if I then put the Blushield close to me once I get home. The place next door to me has a 5G NBN wifi repeater about 4m from the fence, and I was having problems sleeping. I noticed I could pick up the neighbours wifi signals in the room where I slept. Since getting the Blushield, I have been sleeping much better. So, all in all, for anyone with emf sensitivity or Lyme disease, I would recommend trying a Blushield – it is worth taking advantage of the money-back offer to at least test it.

- Megan E, VIC, Australia


‘Quite extraordinary’


I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support re my new [Blushield Tesla Gold] Ultra. For the last 6 months I've had a feeling of pressure in my ears. I had never had that before in my life - no ear issues ever! That pressure has lifted after a few days with the Ultra. It's quite extraordinary but I've realised over the last 2 days that I am feeling generally better and this is the only change I've made recently. 

- Karen L, VIC, Australia


‘The general foggy feeling in my head has disappeared!’


I wasn't sure about this product so I called Laura. She explained the product well and so I decided to give it a try. I did not notice a difference right away but after a few days I have noticed that I am calmer in general. This product is plugged into the area where I study and I do feel like I can study for longer than usual. I have also noticed the general foggy feeling in my head has disappeared!

- Belinda C, NSW, Australia


‘Thanks for sending the Blushield Plug-In’


Thanks for sending the Blushield Gold Plug-In. It ended a period of disturbed sleep for me immediately. I am also feeling more relaxed in general, even in these difficult times. This should definitely recommend this product to other electrically-sensitive persons seeking a solution to these issues. 

- Leigh J, NSW, Australia




I bought the [Blushield plug-in] home shield and portable one, both are gold. As soon as I plugged the [Blushield plug-in] in, we did have a few headaches, my daughter who us 9 also told me she had headaches, but all went away after 2 days, and we can no sleep much better and we are much clamer, even my cats. I was skeptical about these shields, but they work. I feel the difference now from when I did not have a portable, I felt much more restless in places like supermarkets. A great investment especially now that 5G is turning up around my area too.  

- Marghi G, VIC, Australia


‘Amazing Product!’


Wow just wow! I'm not one to leave reviews but this product really works! I have been concerned about the dangers of emf radiation for quite some time and have done lots of research. I decided to purchase the Blushield Tesla Gold Plug-In to protect our family. For the first couple of weeks after I plugged it in, my family and I got sick with the flu and headaches - we put this down to a detox reaction. However it was short lived and by about week three we felt amazing! 

We are now sleeping better, we are calmer and feel happier and we have loads more energy. We went away on the weekend (and away from the our Tesla Gold Plug-In) and all those insidious things that you think are normal like brain fog, tiredness and feelings of lightheaded returned. Home again and these have all subsided....goes to show how powerful this device is! Absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in their health and protecting themselves from the harmful effects of emf radiation.

- Rachel M, QLD, Australia




Picked up a surge of lacked energy in the past few days just after purchasing. 

- Thomas C, QLD, Australia


‘This product is more important than my smart phone’


I've been using this product [Blushield Tesla Gold Portable] for over 1 year. It took me a while to purchase it, as I wanted to do lots of research as to its real benefits and generally what EMF exposure does and means for us. I have travelled extensively since I bought it, and when I do forget it (on the odd occasion) I notice a change in my energy levels, even my thoughts. I'm currently in London - where they are rolling out 5G extensively and I feel happy to know that I have this device with me - wherever I go, it feels like my own personal shield and I feel incredibly grateful for this product! I now find - before I leave the house, I check for my bags, for my keys and tesla device :)

- Clare B, NSW, Australia 




We have the blue version [of the Tesla Gold Portable] (a few years old now?) - I love knowing it's helping protect us and our family. I have slept better since we had it after having insomnia for years, do wonder if it has helped that!

- Arwen D, TAS, Australia


‘So grateful for this product’


I am very sensitive to EMFs and I noticed a difference almost straight away after plugging the [Blushield Tesla Gold Cube] in. The house now feels calm and peaceful, when I go to bed I am super relaxed, normally I can't wind down at night. My sleep has been much better, I have less body aches and I don't wake up feeling exhaused ... I believe this product is a must for every home in the environment we are now living in. So happy I bought this. 

- Nina S, QLD, Australia


‘Great product’


I purchased this [Blushield Tesla Gold Portable] for peace of mind and didn't think I would experience any noticeable benefits - or even know if it was working. However, since turning it on, I've had a multitude of detox symptoms (apparently very common) as well as improved sleep - less grogginess upon waking. Very happy and tempted to buy some of the more powerful untits.

- Catherine C, VIC, Australia


‘Fantastic Item’


I used the [Blushield Tesla Gold Portable] to travel to the USA and now carry it with me everywhere: Home, work car. It's easy to charge and stays charged for days. Excellent small compact size. Service was also great. Very helpful, fast and knowledgeable about their products. Items just as good as service. Many thanks. 

- Nicole H, VIC, Australia


‘Blushield Portable’


Very happy with my [Blushield Tesla Gold Premium Portable] device thank you ladies for turning this around so quickly. I had to flay overseas to attend a training course and I didn't want to board that flight unprotected, nor sit in a room for 8 hours training under fluorescent lights ... with 40 people and 40 mobile phones, laptops, screens and 24/7 hotel wifi. There was going to be no chance of me escaping EMF/EMR for a solid 10 days and just that thought alone was causing me stress!! I'm very happy to say I had my portable Blushield on me every day and did not experience any negative effects from EMF/EMR exposure, which would normally be the case for me. I'm home now and continue to carry it everywhere! I love having it in the car, in my handbag or pocket knowing I'm protected. I should mention the first Blushield portable I purchased was actually for my son to take to school. It was actually recommended by his integrative GP who picked up he was sensitive to EMF/EMR. Saving up for a [Blushield] Cube for home now!!

- Veronica A, NSW, Australia


‘Great Value Pack’


Initially it was an impulse buy as I am a fanatic when it comes to buying things to protect my family from harmful things. I was a bit skeptical at first, however to my pleasant surprise, it has increased good vibes in the home. The pocket device I carry around all the time lasts for nearly up to a week without a charge, which is good as I often forget to charge. I also feel like it has impacts on our brain capacity as my family members seem less cloud-headed when it comes to their mental health. I have even convinced a friend of mine to look into purchasing one herself! Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. It is definitely worth it if you care about protecting yourself from harmful EMF.

- Sylvia H, VIC, Australia



The portable Blushield device is an essential part of my life now. I use it when using computers, any Bluetooth connected device, whilst travelling through airports and on planes, in shopping centres and at work. I am very sensitive to Electro Magnetic frequencies – so much so that my skin broke out in a severe rash and peeled after one week at a new receptionist job dealing with a large computer screen and nearby modem emitting huge metre readings. It really helps me feel OK around all that unnatural energy.

- Gillian C, NSW, Australia


‘Very happy’


I wanted the best protection possible for my city job and was pleased to have the option of getting an ultra demo model at a discounted price. The unit is in perfect condition and happy with my purchase and now have peace of mind.

- Damien W, SA, Australia


‘Tesla Gold Plug-In’


I own Blushield's Tesla Portable and Tesla Plug In devices and can tell you they definitely work. How do I know? I have tinnitus and this is effected by EMF, especially Smart Phones which emit a high degree or EMF radiation. Whenever I am without my Blushield Portable in places like movies or where there are crowds my ears will ring for 12 hours afterwards, but the tinnitus will stay low if I have my Blushield Tesla Portable Device with me. Same for the Tesla Plug In. This is the ONLY device I know of that works as I have tried many others. I can't recommend these devices highly enough for protection from EMF.

Vicki S, NSW, Australia


‘Peace of Mind’


Happy with the results and the peace of mind. Have noticed a difference to the ringing in my ears. The service from Earthing Oz is amazing. Friendly, willing to please staff. I love my blushield portables - easy to charge, I keep them in my bag. It reduces the ringing in my ears and the headaches I get from Wifi. 

- Prue J, NSW, Australia


‘Tesla Gold Portable’


Absolutely wonderful! Great size to carry - I take it everywhere with me - was my first Blushield product and I have been doing my own little experiments to see how much of a difference it makes. I recently started working in a place with lots of Wifi radiation and I've noticed that without the Blushield device with me my eyes become bloodshot from the radiation stress, and when I keep it with me - they're perfectly clear! I love being able to physically see the difference! Definitely getting a larger plug in for the house!

- Amanda W, NSW, Australia


‘Blushield Tesla Gold Auto’


I feel a little less tired in the car on longer drives and I feel like at least I am getting some protection given the car can be a place of intense radiation exposure. Thanks for the peace of mind.

- Michelle S, NSW, Australia


‘Tesla Gold Portable’


Excellent product. Work with computers all day. This product reduces fatigue that I used to get previously. Believe it also works with 5G which is controversial due to lack of industry testing so I am glad I am protected.

- Robert W, WA, Australia


‘Fantastic Product’


Upgraded from my old device to this new Blushield Tesla Gold Black [Premium] Portable while it was on sale (bargain). It's a fantastic product, being lighter & thinner than my old model. I just love the wireless charger which is so quick & convenient, you can see at a glance when it's finished charging & I haven't had to recharge it yet as the battery charge lasts a really long time. p.s. The video on how to use the product were great as well. Wonderful service from EarthingOz to boot - highly recommend this company and their products.

- Fiona P, QLD, Australia


‘So happy’


I have purchased the Gold Black Portable for myself after researching many other products. This "felt" right to me and I'm so glad I followed my intuition as I feel better, sleep better and am more calm now about my impending overseas travel, especially having to possibly go through the body scans. I have been delving into all sorts of quantum field healing modalities and this fits right in :) I'm about to buy a plug in for the house too which will come along with me on my trip overseas as well ;) very grateful for these technology and products.

- Anatelyah H, NSW, Australia


‘No jetlag’


I had the earlier version of Blushield and when the battery started to fail was offered an upgrade to the Newer Version. It's easy to set up and use. It's much lighter and thinner than the first device and slightly taller. I upgraded, confident in the product. I wore it on a trip from Perth to Calgary, that took 36 hrs, due delays and a missed flight. Yet next day (with Earthing mat) found I had no jetlag and went off touring around Calgary. Excellent service from Earthing Oz people. Many Thanks

- Trevor W, WA, Australia


‘Tremendously impressed’


Experienced the metal taste within just a few minutes of having the [Blushield Tesla Gold Premium Portable] device on me, so knew it was working as advertised. A week later and any apparent detox effects have passed. Already noticing that my (rather severe) EMF induced skin problems are subsiding (yes!) and that my blood seems less watery in consistency: the red blood cell membranes starting to firm-up, I guess. Er.....just one thing to beware of is that this new model must indeed be pretty powerful and having tried sleeping with it one of the nights I woke up with a terrible headache plus sick-stomach, which lasted most all that morning. Probably just part of the detox process but I’d certainly advice caution in sleeping with the device, switched-on, nearby. All said, I’m TREMENDOUSLY impressed!

- Leonard L, VIC, Australia




Since Telstra had erected a wifi tower within 1 km of my house I have been increasingly been suffering aches in my shoulders, feet and lower back, as well of poor sleep. I did not link the tower to my ailments until I read an article about the hidden dangers of exposure to EMF's emissions. I purchased the [Blushield Tesla] Gold Cube and it arrived very promptly. After the first night I realized I had had a more restful sleep and my body aches were less intense. It has been a week now and my body is free of pain (after years) and I wake up feeling energized. I also had a surprise gift of the Airtube Headsets which are equally exceptional - the sound is much clearer than regular headsets. I will now purchase the portable Blushield for when I am out and about.

- Cathy K, NSW, Australia


‘Great Product’


I purchased the Blushield [Premium] Gold Portable about 2 months ago as my partner commutes to work by train to the city (Melbourne) and is exposed to EMF's all day at work. She is noticing that she is less drained than usual after work. We also keep the Blushield portable in the bedroom during sleeping hours, and my sleep is much deeper with less interrupted sleep. Will purchase the plugin unit for the home shortly. Thanks for supplying a great product, everyone that is exposed to EMF's should have one. 

- Darren A, VIC, Australia


‘Great Product’


Purchased this product after much deliberation and research and a lovely conversation with Earthing Oz (what a very helpful and friendly guy). Since purchasing this product I have not slept better and feel much more relaxed. Can not wait to purchase a cube for my home now. Thank you Earthing Oz :)\

- T.J, VIC, Australia


‘Peace of Mind’


I purchased this product after speaking extensively to Laura. She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and advised this Plug-In was my family's best option. It is easy to use and I now have peace of mind that I am doing more to protect my family.

- Clare M, NSW, Australia




After the Telstra 5G mobile tower was activated near my place of work in May 2019 I had a terrible reaction: headaches, dizzy, ringing in my ears, elevated temperate throughout the day (I had to use ice blocks to cool down), couldn't sweat, sore eyes, burnt my lips, EMF sensitivity and a feeling like I want to throw-up. I was in perfect health prior to this. After a week of these uncomfortable unbearable side-effects I needed to do something. I came across the blushield product and did my research. I ordered the 24/7 pack and the [Blushield Tesla Gold] cube helped tremendously. I also ended up ordering the Tesla Ultra (due to the proximity of the mobile tower to my work) and now by the end of the day at work I feel better instead of worse. I would say it is 80-90% effective overall. I now use the cube at home and it's an excellent product. Thank goodness for Blushield it was a lifesaver for me! 

- Simon T, WA, Australia


‘I love my Blushield products and wouldn’t be without them!’

I purchased my two BluShield products about 3 months ago – a Tesla Gold plug-in and a mini portable.  I don’t have EHS, but I do feel the presence of EMF’s in a subtle way – a sort of “off” feeling or I can feel tired.

The first thing I noticed after I plugged in the Tesla Gold was an immediate good feeling, like a mild euphoria. This persisted for a couple of days, then gradually faded.  I thought I might experience a detox, but this never happened. Some of the things I’ve noticed since owning the products:

1.            My elderly mother was in hospital at the time . . . There was a cell phone tower on the roof of the hospital(!) Also Mum was on the top floor, directly under the tower. I’d go to visit her but have to leave after a short time because I felt exhausted.  Once I started taking my [Blushield] mini along with me, that feeling vanished. 

2.            I feel peace of mind from knowing that I have such excellent protection.

3.            I travelled to Melbourne recently, with my [Blushield] mini in my bag, and felt fine after the flight.  Normally, I’d have felt “zapped” and exhausted from the high levels of radiation.

4.            I generally feel happier and more able to handle stress.

5.            I really notice it if I forget to take the [Blushield] mini portable with me when I leave the house.  I suddenly notice that I “don’t feel right”, then I realise that I’ve forgotten my Blushield!

To summarise, I love my Blushield products and wouldn’t be without them!

- Ngareta Ring, QLD, Australia


‘I wouldn’t be without Blushield now’

I am so happy with the Blushield. It’s now been 9 weeks. Before getting Blushield I was having regular absence seizures (epilepsy), sometimes going on for a whole morning, very exhausting and disturbing. It is kind of like intermittent bursts of the power going out for a second. The longest I ever went without any was two weeks. Since plugging in the Blushield I have had three days where I had an occurrence - twice when I went out without the portable, and once after playing a computer game with flashing pictures (flashing lights etc are a trigger to absence seizures). I have no doubt that EMFs/WiFi have been a trigger for this type of epileptic activity in my head, and much less easy to avoid than flashing lights.

I wouldn’t be without Blushield now!

- Louise D, WA, Australia


‘The whole atmosphere in the house is calmer . . .’

I live a pretty healthy life . . . so I wasn't expecting much change from my Blushield myself. However, I have noticed recently that my three teenagers are far more "user-friendly" and ready to discuss rather than go into battle. I feel that the whole atmosphere in the house is calmer . . . the only thing that has changed is the introduction of the Blushield and a couple of Earthing devices. 

- Beth, WA, Australia


‘The Blushield Gold and the Blushield Portable Gold have transformed our environment’

The Blushield Gold and the Blushield Portable Gold have transformed our environment. Life is now calmer both at home and on the move. I keep the portable in my handbag and so it supports my husband and I everywhere we go. I use these devices as part of a combination of products, including earthing items, to support and assist in my husband’s recovery from brain cancer and the resulting acquired brain injury. 

Memento H, QLD, Australia


‘I am really happy to have chosen to buy a Blushield’

I am really happy to have chosen to buy a Blushield as I feel it has improved my resilience over time, and also improved my ability to sleep better.  I do feel however it is still important to minimize exposure and be wise about what is in your field; especially cell phones and computers.  There is a lot of information available to us to help us ‘clean’ up the EMF  in our life... As this is affecting everyone, even those who are not so sensitive.

Eleanor B, NSW, Australia


‘I highly recommend these products’

I have been using a Blushield device at my workplace and it has significantly increased my relaxation and also others who come into the shop always comment on how serene it is. When I'm out and about I carry a portable one in my handbag and that reduces headaches which I suffer from so I highly recommend these products ...

- Jan A, NSW, Australia


‘The Blushield mini . . . does work’

I have been using the Blushield Mini now for about 4 months. I was sceptical, because I have tried several different products but they didn't create a noticeable difference. The Blushield Mini however ... does work.

I went to places which usually have me "phased out" in about an hour i.e. certain shopping centres, my local library because of all the wifi (many students study and meet there), sitting at my desk with wifi on etc. However most significant of all I recently flew overseas, a 9.5hr flight plus hours of waiting in the airports. At the end of the flights, I was surprised to notice that I did not suffer the usual symptoms of jet lag.

I met a friend in a coffee shop situated in a major shopping complex, he usually gets badly affected by wifi, fluoro lights, the electrical wiring and apparatus around him ... I gave him my Blushield for about an hour and he was quite surprised to notice that he was still quite lucid and not suffering from "brain fog.” Consequently he is buying 2 of the Gold units.

My younger brother sleeps in a room where the exterior wall has 2 smart meters. He purchased the Gold unit and has noticed improvements in his sleep and general well being whilst spending hours in his room.

Ian T, VIC, Australia


‘I feel they are extremely beneficial’

I have been using the Blushield protection in my home and also carry the small mini version in my bag with me. I’ve been suffering from Ross River Virus which is characterised by lots of arthritis, and I’ve been doing everything possible to shake it, and also to help my family be shielded from EMF as best we can, to minimise negative effects, and maximise healing. After several months, I am back on track again, and my partner’s joint pains from rheumatoid arthritis which he suffers from, are much better. We recently spent 2 weeks away without the BluShield and suffered quite a few aches and pains, which are diminishing now that we are back home. It’s hard to tell, but as part of an overall “good health” management programme, I feel they are extremely beneficial.

- Lynette F. JP, QLD, Australia


‘Blushield and the Earthing devices complement each other, each adding something important’

I haven’t had the same clear-cut response to the Blushield as to Earthing technology. But I am aware that it is very much “alive” in my life. I think the biggest effect is that gradually I am starting to be able to sleep deeply. For decades I have suffered from superficial, unrefreshing sleep. There is also a feeling of being less burdened . . . The Blushield effect is much slower to make a difference. It’s so gradual that it steals up on me. But its effect is more profound, and so subtle because it has no obvious source in its effect.

The Blushield and the Earthing devices complement each other, each adding something important.

Jay W., VIC, Australia


‘I recommend finding solutions to EMF and other incoherent fields, and this product is a great one’

The Tesla Gold plugin works effectively, the pulsing scalar field is strong and was easily noticeable by my energetically sensitive friends and myself. We felt the field to be a positive influence . . . It's much easier to be around laptops and use mobile phones. I recommend finding solutions to EMF and other incoherent fields, and this product is a great one.

- Ermond M., QLD, Australia


‘Blushield takes the worry out of unavoidable [EMR] exposure'

I have been aware of the dangers of EMR exposure for many years and go to a great deal of trouble to protect my family as much as possible. With everyone exposed to so much radiation during the day, I am glad that we can now come home to a safe place and feel good. I particularly like that we are also protected from wi-fi emitting from surrounding houses—on most nights there are five left on all night. Blushield takes the worry out of unavoidable exposure.

Since installing the BluShield, adult family members report fewer or no headaches, better sleep, increased concentration and general wellness. 

- Karen C, NSW, Australia


‘I would recommend it others to try’

I bought a Tesla Gold Plugin from Earthing Oz about 4 months ago. I use it in the house and at the office, I got mild detox symptoms in the first couple of weeks, all my work mates got colds within the first week of use, I have noticed some improved energy levels and better sleep, and when I forget to take it from the office and plug it in at home my sleep quality seems to be not as good. I would recommend it others to try and see what results they get from it.

- Tom A, NSW, Australia


‘I am sleeping better’

So far I am finding [Blushield] very helpful. I am sleeping better and the effects of my jetlag are much less. Thank you

Monica B, NSW, Australia


‘Life just feels better when [Blushield] is on’

On a long road trip recently, my husband and I were getting grumpy with each other... then I found one of the kids had fiddled with the Blushield and switched it off.  I switched it on again and immediately my hubby and I started feeling happy again.  I suppose you could say it was psychological... except that my hubby is (was) sceptical about whether it did anything.  And it wasn't a subtle thing at all - it was an instant lightening feeling, a feeling of relief.  Life just feels better when it's on.

Fiona H, VIC, Australia


‘My energy levels have increased considerably’

I use an EMF protection cover for my iPhone and recently purchased a Blushield. While I don't have any medical conditions to deal with I have noticed my energy levels have increased considerably although at first when I started using it I felt quite tired. I am 65 years old and show no symptoms of some of the conditions (arthritis, stiff and sore joints etc ) like my friends of similar age do.

Kaitlin D, VIC, Australia


‘I am much more confident that we are now protected inside our home’

I had read information about EMF and was keen to provide the best possible protection for myself and my boys. I have used a radi clip for my phone and the iPads but was also concerned about the use of wifi both within our own home, from our neighbours wifi modems and when out and about especially in shopping centres and the like where many people have mobile phones switched on, of course. 

We have always turned off our wifi modem as soon as we finished using it. But our neighbours don't and their signals were available for use in our home, if we had the password. I was relieved when I became aware of the Blushield product and immediately purchased both the plug in and the portable one. As a result, I am much more confident that we are now protected inside our home. And the boys are grateful that I am not constantly asking them to hurry up and turn the wifi off, although it is still turned off when not in use.  

And I have the portable one in my bag and turned on at all times. I am 'safe' now when in shopping centres and other various places, well everywhere. 

I have also spoken to the boys school principal about the use of wifi in the school and provided her with information about the concerns to children regarding exposure and the Blushield products. When the boys are a little older I plan to place a mini Blushield in their pockets so I can feel confident that they are protected wherever they are.  

Patricia F, QLD, Australia


‘I liked the idea that the Blushield would promote a healthier frequency’

I looked at a number of products to protect myself and my family from EMR over a period of about 12 months. I liked the idea that the Blushield would promote a healthier frequency that my body would choose over a more deleterious one. I deliberated whether to buy the gold model or the silver. I believed my teenage daughter was very sensitive to EMR but she was determined that my worries were ridiculous. So ,when it came to ordering I decided to ignore the warning that those highly sensitive to EMR should start with the silver and work up to the gold model after a few months.

Several months before installing the Blushield I got a new batch of five chickens and they were driving us mad with their constant "brarrrkking" to the extent that I thought the neighbours would be within their rights to complain . . . Within hours of installing the Blushield the silence in the yard was spooky. Further, about a week later I realized that my little dog, who was a constant barker, had slowed down her barking considerably.

As for the people in the house . . . my daughter's mood became very dark, her sleeping pattern turned upside down and we had a rough couple of weeks. I persisted with the device, feeling that this was the aggravation that had been warned about – i.e.: if you're very sensitive, buy the silver model and work up to the gold. She understood the concept of the aggravation and a benefit of the experience is that she definitely recognizes her sensitivity now and wants us to have the portable models for when we're out and about. We both often get 'wiped out' when we're away from the house. I had been experiencing anxiety for the first time in my life for several months before installing the device and there was a noticeable positive shift in my emotional balance over the first couple of weeks.

It's hardly a double-blind controlled study, however the decrease in agitation experienced by the small animals on my property, along with the initial aggravation followed by a definite improvement in the humans' moods, indicates to me that our brains were being affected by EMR. It stands to reason to me that the only reason for small animals making continual noise is that their brains are being adversely affected by something.

Michelle J, SA, Australia


‘Thanks for this amazing product’

I purchased a Blushield Tesla Gold Portable in October for my daughter.  Before using the Tesla, being exposed to the outside environment at shopping centres, friends and families homes and in the car left her depleted of energy, strength and mostly oblivious to surroundings.  A one hour return car trip would see her in bed for 3 – 4  days before using the Tesla Gold.

Using the Tesla Gold the pain and spaced out feeling has been relieved and she can communicate with others much better.  She can now go on a car trip without feeling exhausted on arrival.  The tremors have also settled when in exposed surroundings.  

This has made a huge difference to her life, being 29 and predominantly housebound for the last 9 years. Thanks for this amazing product. 

Jocelyn S, QLD, Australia


‘The most effective solution to EMF on the planet today’

‘Quite simply Blushield is the most effective solution to EMF on the planet today, I not only use the Blushield myself, I also promote them in my clinic. These words sum up Blushield ... Safe, Simple, Effective and Affordable!

Nowhere can you get such an effective product for so little these days and it really works! I recommend you start using Blushield today! It’s an investment in your future health!’

- Dr. Ed Harris, New Zealand


‘Extreme life threatening EHS symptoms disappear immediately’

Since 1973 I have been very electro-sensitive following daily radiation treatment for three months.

Until recently I could control my environment from EMR, being vigilant where I lived, position of my house meter box, no fluorescent lighting, mobile phone, microwave oven, plasma TV, hairdryer and no air travel.

However about 4 years ago my life turned upside down with the installation of smart meters, Wi-Fi/WiMAX in businesses and homes. I became very ill trying to access public buildings and public transport. I tried various shielding methods without much success. The WiFi/WiMax now blanketing whole areas/towns and smart meters are making it even more difficult. So far, I have managed to resist the installation of a smart meter at the house I am staying in at present. The house also has high dirty electricity levels from neighbour’s devices.

My symptoms [including intense head pain on crown, dizziness, seizures, hair loss, total insomnia, nausea and vomiting, blood pressure dangerously high among many other serious symptoms] were nonstop 24/7 with no abatement. All these symptoms vanished immediately having installed a Blushield house plug-in and portable device when leaving the property.

This Blushield technology is nothing short of miraculous in my experience and I can now sleep and go about my business and drive the car again. The results were instant and a real life saver.

- Catherine A CherryAustralia


'No Longer Debilitated by EMF and Kids No Longer Affected Either’

Thank you so much for sending me the Blushield Tesla Gold plug in and portable. Remarkably, I am no longer debilitated by EMF!

For most of my life I have avoided computers, phones, fluorescent lighting, long car journeys and shopping centres as much as possible. Such EMF exposure made me nauseous, dizzy, anxious, and after being on my mobile I’d experience an itchy rash down the arm holding the phone. After the smart metres were installed I also started experiencing insomnia for the first time in my life, feeling extreme anxiety before bed after watching TV, worsened if my husband was also on his iPhone.

Luckily my Dad read your book [Light That Heals] and bought me a Gold plug in and portable unit to try. At first I found it even more difficult to sleep so I tried the Silver units designed for people hypersensitive to EMF. After a couple of weeks, I no longer felt anxiety, I could sleep well again and take my time shopping and driving. But, I still reacted to my iPhone.

After another month getting my body used to the Silver units, I swapped them for Gold and can now use my iPhone without any nasty side effects!!

I suspected my children were also EHS and have noticed since using the Blushield Tesla products, my girls sleep better and no longer throw tantrums in shopping centres or during long car journeys!

Again, thank you for spreading the word on these amazing inventions!!”

- Paula K, VIC, Australia


‘Improved Sleep, Painful Sensations Disappear’

I live in a building with a cell phone tower on the roof. I was unable to sleep because of this. It was like a fatigue was overtaking my entire body. Once I received the Blushield portable and plug in, I immediately implemented them. Now I am feeling much better and am able to sleep in my apartment for the first time in a week. I was able to sleep for more than five hours.

I also notice an instant difference if I step out of range of the portable when I am at work. It’s like a storm of painful sensation has abated. Many thanks for the great product  . . .

- A Hayward, Saudi Arabia


‘Clearer Mind, Less Stress, Irritability and Snappiness’

I installed a Blushield in my office as my office is next door to several computer network servers with plenty of electrical fields. I was introduced to the Blushield as it was seen to reduce the stress associated with electrical fields, etc. I got one and plugged it in for two weeks. It seemed to make a difference but I wasn’t quite sure or convinced. To really test it, I unplugged it for a couple of weeks to see if there was any change. Over time, I started to feel snappier and more irritable. I also felt it was harder to focus on my work. After the two weeks were up, I re-installed it. It took a day or two, but my mind cleared and I no longer felt stressed out, and it has been good ever since! I’m not going to unplug it any time soon!

I definitely recommend the Blushield!

- B. Bullas, New Zealand


‘Less stressed, more relaxed/calm, less headaches and food cravings, greater sense of wellbeing’

I have a background in biology and have extensively studied the effects of EMF on health. I also experience negative symptoms when in wireless fields, including effects on energy levels, sleep disturbances, headaches and food cravings.

I am quite sceptical about devices claiming to protect one from EMF. However, about a year ago I was living in a place that I couldn’t avoid exposure to wireless fields, so I gave the Blushield Portable a try. I noticed I felt less stressed, more relaxed and calm, with less headaches and food cravings. Overall, using the Blushield gives me a subtle but definite sense of greater well-being. I still reduce my exposure to EMF in my environment as much as possible, but I keep the Blushield Portable under my pillow at night and always keep it with me when I’m traveling. It’s become an essential health aid with the widespread proliferation of wireless technology.

- C.K., Ph.D. (Medical Sciences), U.S.A


‘Asthma Disappears, More Energetic, Staff More Relaxed and Less Stressed’

Your Blushield works wonders . . . At first, I was sceptical, however I am now convinced. My wife suffered asthma for some twenty years, now she doesn’t need an inhaler at all. All symptoms related to asthma are now completely gone. Her doctor was surprised; we did not tell him it was due to Blushield . . .

I also feel more energetic, some days I was even able to lift weights at my gym club even when I had only slept for a few hours the previous night. My staff are feeling more relaxed and are not as stressed out as before. Thanks to your wonderful device. I have recommended Blushield to my uncle and aunty who are having health problems. I will definitely introduce others to your wonder product. The money I spent is well worth it, and the cost is very reasonable.”

- Victor Tan, Singapore


‘Improved Office Environment’

My work in professional video production involves me spending long periods surrounded by electrical appliances, computers and industrial VCR’s etc. In addition, my office is right next door to a cell phone transmitter tower. Last year I was becoming increasingly fatigued and was suffering from a loss of concentration while working. A business associate and friend suggested that electrical fields could be a factor and that a device called a Blushield may be worth trying. A Blushield was duly installed in my office. Ten minutes later I suddenly realised there had been a profound change in the atmosphere of the room. From a vaguely ‘prickly’ feeling the air-conditioned room had somehow become fresher feeling.”

- M Maunder, New Zealand


'I now use the Blushield Tesla Gold plug-in and portable for myself and provide them to my clients'

Newly married in 2002, my husband and I moved into an old Victorian home in Flemington. We lead a healthy lifestyle, we’re vegetarian, don’t drink or smoke, and my background includes studies in very alternative health fields, so it was puzzling to me when I began experiencing strange symptoms.

At first, I couldn’t understand the constant fatigue I was experiencing but I put it down to wedding preparations and coming off shift work after 10 years. In 2004, I began to study building biology although not to solve my problems because I had not yet twigged to the cause, which was ironic. After learning a little about EMF, a subject that I did not begin until late 2005 I kept the information in the back of my mind.

Little things happened along the way to point me in the right direction. For instance, I was experiencing electrostatic shocks fairly often and in late 2004 when I stayed in a country town motel my whole body felt like it was being zapped when I laid on the bed with the electric blanket turned on.

At some stage I realized that at my work I had two computers pointing at my back from less than a metre away, protected only by a thin partition. Only metres away a room was buzzing with a bank of about 60 portable radios on charge. By this time, I was having funny, fuzzy headaches and I had never been one to get headaches. My constant fatigue led to erratic behaviour and mood swings, much to the dismay of my embattled husband who wondered where his calm, collected wife had gone.

During this time, we were also keen to conceive. Medical tests revealed that this was a sure probability but it just wasn’t happening. We sought help through several natural fertility methods and bingo! But our joy was to be short lived when I miscarried at 10 weeks early in 2005. This was another legacy of high EMF levels, so I was to learn later.

In mid-2005 I began the electrobiology component of my course. My health, by this time was getting progressively worse. I was experiencing severe joint pain, tinnitus, heart palpitations and more. My mental coherence capabilities were spiralling down and I am sure I was difficult to be around. However, the blessing of this component was the realisation of what was bringing on all these strange symptoms and weird behaviour. In the next few weeks all the pieces began to fit together: the fatigue, the mental instability, the joint pain, and on it went . . . Having high EMF constantly running through my body had made me feel like everything was very tense inside my muscles and I would often awaken in the night feeling my body vibrating with the electricity. EMF tends to have a scrambling effect on the mind and brain that can be very debilitating. It is hard to get others to understand what is happening to you within when you appear normal outwardly, even though you are having such difficulty trying to piece a sentence together that the mind will not bring forth even when you know the words and you cannot say them correctly either.

I am now running a business where I measure levels of EMF in homes and workplaces, and now use the Blushield Tesla Gold plug-in and portable for myself and provide them to my clients.

- Helen, VIC, Australia