Protection from EMF

What is the Best Way for Me to Protect Myself and My Family from the Effects of EMF?

This is the number one question we get asked almost daily from concerned folk who have read the published research on the many ways that EMF can affect our health and well-being or are, themselves, feeling the effects of the electro-soup we're living in. Headaches, brain fog, memory impairment, loss of focus, tinnitus, fatigue, dizziness, even skin rashes and nausea are some of symptoms that people describe with constant exposure to EMF. For some people this has a significant impact on their physical and mental health and can be debilitating.

So, how to best protect ourselves from this invisible yet, largely unavoidable presence, while trying to safely enjoy the technological benefits and conveniences it brings?

Reduce Your Exposure

The first thing we say to anyone looking for ways to protect themselves from EMF and mitigate its effects is to reduce your exposure to EMF as much as possible. With some quick and easy habit changes exposure can be reduced significantly. Identifying the sources of EMF within your own home is a good place to start. Some EMF hotspots might include your WiFi router, a smart meter, household wiring, household appliances - particularly WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled 'smart' appliances - plus your home's proximity to a mobile phone tower, power lines, substations etc.

Your WiFi router is a good place to start. When not in use, turn it off, particularly at night so your body can be allowed to rest and repair. During the day, ask yourself whether it is necessary to be connected all the time and give yourself time to disconnect if you can. Try and move your WiFi router out of living spaces in which you spend a lot of time.

Consider your sleeping arrangements. Once people identify the EMF hotspots in their home, they often realise they are sleeping on the other side of the wall to a smart meter or their home's electricity box which can cause disturbed sleep.

There are meters available to measure the different types of EMF in and around your home. You can also enlist the help of a qualified building biologist who can investigate this for you.

Next, look to your individual devices and consider ways that you can use them more safely. Distance is your friend with EMF so the further away you are from the source, the less your exposure, which is why it is recommended to text or use the speaker function on your mobile phone, rather than holding it up to your head. It is also recommended to keep phones, tablets and laptops away from your body.

Using the airplane mode function is a safer way to use your devices. If you don't need WiFi or data connectivity, switch the WiFi function off and the device to Airplane mode whenever possible. This is a particularly important habit to teach children. It is still possible to watch downloaded videos and play downloaded games in airplane mode. Knowing how to reduce EMF exposure from devices for your children and teaching them how to do it themselves is more important than ever.

Swapping out wireless connections for wired connection for your tech is a great way to significantly reduce the amount of EMF in your home. You can opt for an ethernet cable for your computer and laptop and ensure that your keyboard, printer and mouse all have a wired connection as opposed to wireless. For more tips, check out our Reducing Your Exposure page.

EMF Protection Products

While taking measures to reduce your exposure to EMF within your environment is the most important first step, it is almost impossible for most of us to eliminate it completely. Try as we might to reduce our reliance on it, many of us depend on the convenience that modern-day technology delivers. EMF Protection products have been developed to help to protect us and further reduce our exposure to EMF. EMF Protection products fall broadly into two categories: all-round EMF protection and device-specific protection.

All-Round EMF Protection

The all-round EMF protection product we have chosen to stock here at Grounded Wellness is the Blushield Series range of Active EMF Protection. Blushield does not block or shield EMF, rather it offers protection from the effects of man-made EMF by emitting millions of natural scalar frequencies every 30 seconds.

Scalar energy is found in nature and its discovery is attributed to 'the father of scalar' Nikola Tesla. Scalar waves are something that our body has evolved with and can understand. When our body resonates with the scalar frequency, this is called sympathetic resonance. In responding to Blushield's natural scalar frequencies, the body ignores or over-rides the powerful man-made electromagnetic frequencies, which helps to protect our body from the negative effects of EMF. Discover more about Blushield and the range of models for the home, office, car and portable devices for on-the-go.

Device-Specific EMF protection

While Blushield offers all-round protection from the effects of EMF, it does not block or shield EMF and there are many situations where a protective shield is the most suitable option.

One of the most popular products here at Grounded Wellness is our range of anti-radiation protection cases for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The cases include FCC-certified lab tested radiation shielding material to deflect and absorb radiation away from your body and head when using your device and blocks over 99% of RF (radio frequencies) and over 92% of ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) and Thermal Heat from devices. Thermal heating of the tissue is what you can feel when you hold your phone to your head when making a call or place your laptop directly on your lap.

The SafeSleeve anti-radiation phone cases are particularly popular thanks to their stylish and practical design. Check out our blog post here to find out why we love the SafeSleeve cases. The protective shield is in the front flap of the case only so that your phone is still able to connect to a signal and function properly. When holding the phone to your head to talk, close the flap and talk through the protective shield with no interference to the signal or call quality and protect your head, ear and brain from the electromagnetic radiation emitted from your phone. We also stock a convenient range of mobile phone protection pouches and armbands.

For laptops, you could consider a full case which acts as both a protective carry case for the laptop and a protective shield for the user. When using your laptop on your lap or even on a desk or table, place the laptop case underneath the device to reduce the EMF to your body. If a full carry case is not needed, there are simple lap shield options available which provide a protective barrier between the user and the device. For iPads and tablets, SafeSleeve have developed stylish and practical protective cases that again protect both the device and the user.

With all EMF protection products, the shield is designed to be placed between the device and the user's body to prevent damage from thermal heating and reduce the EMF to that part of the body by up to 99%. In order to be able to connect to a signal, the device will still emit some EMF. Remember that distance is your friend when it comes to EMF, so when working on your laptop or watching a video on your phone or tablet, it is best to place the screen at least an arm's length away from you.

The DefenderShield ConcealShield Privacy Bag is the only EMF Protection product we stock that completely blocks 100% of all incoming and outgoing wireless signals from a mobile phone. When your phone is in the intrusion-proof faraday pouch it will not connect to a signal and you will not receive calls or messages. 

Another way to help reduce EMF exposure and maintain distance between the device and your head is to swap out standard wired headphones or bluetooth-enabled earpods with an AirTube headset. AirTube headsets work by transmitting the sound from the device to your ear via a hollow tube of air, rather than via a wire up which radiation can travel, without affecting the quality of sound.

The headsets can be used with the anti-radiation cases for ultimate protection and are great for taking calls and listening to music on your phone or tablet. Check out our range of airtube headsets here.

Where does Earthing fit into all of this?

Studies have shown that Earthing significantly reduces induced body voltages generated by exposure to AC Electrical Fields from electrical equipment, for example sitting in front of a computer all day, which helps to combat fatigue, increases our concentration and focus, and improve energy levels.

There is no research indicating that Earthing will or will not protect a person from exposure to cell phones signals, microwave radiation, or radio frequencies. The research shows that Earthing contributes to a healthier physiology and the capacity for a quicker recuperation from injury. Individuals who are electro-sensitive to wireless and other electromagnetic fields (EMFs) often suffer with exhausted adrenal glands. As a result, the nervous system’s ability to offset a stress response is compromised. In this situation, exposure to EMFs can be a stressor.  Earthing research shows that grounding reduces inflammation and can benefit people with adrenal weakness, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and depression. 

The health benefits of Earthing are numerous. It relieves the body of inflammation, pain, stress and enables a great night's sleep, allowing your body to heal and repair. Many systems within the body are brought into balance by Earthing, resulting in the fortification of the whole body. This is why we suggest that, along with EMF-reduction strategies, having some Earthing connection each day, whether by spending time barefoot outside or using an indoor Earthing product is beneficial to overall health and well-being.

The most popular ways to Earth yourself indoors include sleeping on an Earthing sheet or using an Earthing mat.  All Earthing products must be connected to a grounded household socket via an Earthing lead and adaptor plug. Discover more about Earthing and the wide range of indoor Earthing products available.