Someone I hadn’t seen for 12 months recently told me I seemed more ‘solid and grounded’ than before.

A.F, Crystal Waters, Sunshine Coast Australia

In almost 15 years of deeply delving into a very diverse range of natural healing and spiritual practices, I can see in retrospect that fundamentally, no matter what healing approach I've studied - in essence my singular motivation is to become a more whole, more conscious, integrated and aware person. I have also discovered that many (or most!) things out there are quite palliative or superfluous in their action and not really worth embracing long term. 

In late 2011 I received an earthing sleeping sheet, after reading the Earthing book. I woke the next morning feeling clearly more rested than usual. I felt a great improvement in my sleep for about a week but then it became 'normal' and I didn't think about it any further. 4-6 weeks later I was musing to myself how good I had felt in recent weeks. It seemed that suddenly I was feeling very intact and together, and whole as a person. Like I had far more of 'me' available to me. Perhaps a sense that missing parts had returned. I felt balanced and centered. I was an integral human being - I actually felt this. I couldn't figure out what had happened but I did know that my sense of self was really very different, seemingly with no distinct effort on my part. It took a while but I eventually realised that my new quality of consciousness and feeling of wholeness slowly commenced exactly when I started sleeping with an Earthing sheet! To start with I had no acute physical symptoms so I wasn't able to tell straight away that the earthing was improving my life. But my inner self was definitely responding .

If we consider what we have learnt about Earthing – the information that has been made available to us – it makes perfect sense that Earthing can provide this subtle enhancement to our consciousness. Regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. It was one aspect not covered in the Earthing book research but I am sure that more and more attention will be directed towards studying the effects of Earthing upon our spiritual and emotional growth and wellbeing. I am energetically and emotionally a better person as a result of these many months of sleeping earthed, and the quality of my life and relationships continues to reflect this. Someone I hadn’t seen for 12 months recently told me I seemed more ‘solid and grounded’ than before. I really AM grateful. Considering my many years of studying self healing, it may seem hard to believe - that I consider Earthing one of the very few healing tools I feel is universally appropriate and essential for everyone.